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Limited Attendance Courses

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Advanced MinewarfareAdvanced Minewarfare

To train Officers appointed to Staff MCM positions in Advanced Mine warfare topics.

Download Downloadable File: 19.01 Advanced Minewarfare (PDF) (197Kb)

Amphibious Operations Amphibious Operations Planning

To provide an introduction to Amphibious Operations planning.

Download Downloadable File: 19.02 Amphibious Operations Planning (PDF) (246Kb)

(FAA EWI) Fleet Air Arm Electronic Warfare Instructor (FAA EWI)

To train aircrew Officers and Senior Ratings in current NATO aviation Electronic Warfare policies, equipment, and tactics.

Download Downloadable File: 19.03 Fleet Air Arm Electronic Warfare Instructor (FAA EWI) (PDF) (193Kb)

Helicopter Control (Tactical) Helicopter Control (Tactical)

To train and qualify candidates as Helicopter Controllers to NATO Grade D/C.

Download Downloadable File: 19.04 Helicopter Control (Tactical) (PDF) (252Kb)

(AIR 208) Helicopter Control Module (Air 208)

To train prospective AC branch ratings and selected other personnel to carry out the duties of the ship's Aircraft Controller.

Download Downloadable File: 19.05 Helicopter Control Module (Air 208) (PDF) (252Kb)

(AIR 209) Helicopter Live Control Module (Air 209)

To provide a minimum of 10 hours live control in an Operations Room at sea and the award of a NATO grade CHARLIE control qualification.

Download Downloadable File: 19.06 Helicopter Live Control Module (Air 209) (PDF) (247Kb)

Initial Maritime Warfare Initial Maritime Warfare

To provide NATO Officers with an understanding of the doctrine, planning and conduct of maritime operations at the Component Commander level and below in a joint and combined environment.

Download Downloadable File: 19.07 Initial Maritime Warfare (PDF) (243Kb)

(JOPC) Joint Operations Planning (JOPC)

To provide instruction in the principles, planning and conduct of joint combined operations.

Download Downloadable File: 19.08 Joint Operations Planning Course (JOPC) (PDF) (91Kb)

Maritime Operational Logistics Maritime Operational Logistics

To train Officers in aspects of maritime operational logistics, in particular to serve as a Group Logistics Co-ordinator (GLC) to a one-star battlestaff.

Download Downloadable File: 19.09 Maritime Operations Logistics (PDF) (246Kb)

Maritime Warfare Maritime Warfare

To develop an understanding of the doctrine, planning and conduct of maritime operations in a joint and combined environment. To provide an appreciation of the factors involved in decision making at the Component Commander level and below.

Download Downloadable File: 19.10 Maritime Warfare (PDF) (247Kb)


To update senior experienced NCAGS Officers in current doctrine and to ensure NATO nations are using common procedures in NCAGS. To encourage exchange of ideas between NATO and non-NATO NCAGS communities.

Download Downloadable File: 19.11 NCAGS NATO Advanced (PDF) (193Kb)

NATO Maritime Advanced EW NATO Maritime Advanced EW

To train Officers to appreciate current NATO Electronic Warfare policies, procedures and developments, within the context of current NATO capabilities and areas of operation.

Download Downloadable File: 19.12 NATO Maritime Advanced EW (PDF) (197Kb)

NCAGSNATO Staff Officers' NCAGS Acquaint NATO Staff Acquaint

This course is designed for NATO officers (both regular and reserve) of any specialisation, undertaking the appointment of Staff Officer (NCAGS) in a NATO Command. This course is also open to civilians whose job involves an understanding of NCAGS in both crisis and non-crisis situations.

Download Downloadable File: 19.13 NCAGS NATO Staff Acquaint (PDF) (197Kb)

Advanced LOFARAdvanced LOFAR Analysis

To train Senior Sonar Ratings in detailed LOFAR Sonar Analysis.

Download Downloadable File: 19.14 Advanced LOFAR Analysis (PDF) (308Kb)


To enable students to become specialists in the tactical exploitation of the environment.

Downloadable File: 19.15 Tactical  (PDF) (193Kb)

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