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Royal Navy Emergency Contact Information

The nature of your emergency and location of the serving relative will dictate who you need to contact.

If circumstances should arise whilst your relative is overseas on a draft or deployed on a ship out of local waters, that make it necessary for you to apply for his or her return home on compassionate grounds, such as death in the family, serious illness or a serious family crisis, you should contact:

Phone Icon Phone: +44 (0)1452 519951 - The Joint Casualty and Compassionate Centre (JCCC)

The JCCC is continually staffed 24 hours a day including weekends and bank holidays.

If the relative is at a shore base, such as Raleigh or Sultan, or on a ship in refit or local waters and circumstances arise that make it necessary for you to apply for his or her return home on compassionate grounds, then you should contact that establishment direct in the first instance.

For all other matters you should contact the appropriate NPFS Area as listed below:

NPFS Contact
You should contact the Area Office, which covers the Next-of-Kin address, not the Port Area where the person is serving or where the problem has arisen.

Use the link below to access a map showing you which is your correct Area Office and how the United Kingdom is divided into 3 NPFS areas.

info More Information: NPFS Area Office Map

If you live outside the United Kingdom (excluding Eire)?
You should contact NPFS East or if there is a British forces unit or representative you may contact them for assistance or the appropriate Embassy / High Commission.

If you live in Eire?
You should contact NPFS West.

Contact details
For out-of-working hours' emergencies the NPFS duty worker in the appropriate Next-of-Kin area can be contacted via the following telephone numbers:

Phone Icon Phone: NPFS East and Overseas - 02392 726 159 (via Officer-of-the-Watch)

Phone Icon Phone: NPFS North - 01436 674 321 - (via Duty Naval Base Officer Ex. 4005)

Phone Icon Phone: NPFS West and Eire - 01752 555 220 - (via Officer-of-the-Watch)

For day time contact click on the link below for the full Area Address and telephone number.

info More Information: NPFS Addresses

info More Information: RMW Addresses

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