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Sometimes life can be quite challenging and it helps to have other people to talk to who have the same experiences, problems or things with which they need help with. This can be made more difficult when you or your partner is in the Royal Navy and you may have to move away from family, friends or other people who regularly help and support you. It could be that moving to a new area has left you feeling isolated and without anybody to talk to. The following pages should help you to find the support and assistance you need at those times when you feel vulnerable.

Support Services
Support services can be provided by the Government, or through organisations like Social Services or the National Health Service. Alternatively they can be provided by private organisations such as nursing agencies, voluntary groups or from within the community.

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The Military Helps YouBoats
Life within the RN/RM is very different from the normal 9 - 5 job and brings its own problems as well as the good things in life. Sometimes help from outside the Service environment just doesn't meet the needs of RN/RM families. If you want to see what help you can get which is specifically intended for Service personnel and their families.

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Make New Friends
Sometimes it is difficult to meet people and make friends when you have moved to a new area. It's Murphy's Law that you will either have to move when your partner is away or that soon after moving he/she will be given a job that leaves you on your own. Whether you live within Service Family Quarters or nowhere near a Service environment we can help you to meet new people.

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Special Needs
If you or anyone in your family has special needs it can sometimes be difficult to know what help you can get. You may need that extra bit of cash to help you buy some equipment, want to meet people with similar experiences, join in a sport specially tailored to meet your needs or gain the education most suited to your child. There are many organisations who can help you, including those that are specifically intended for RN/RM personnel and their families, and we can show you how to access them.

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Do you or your partner have a problem with alcohol?
Some people don't touch alcohol at all, but everyone who does drink has sometimes had that one or two too many. However if you or your partner repeatedly drink more than you intend or want to, or get into trouble when you drink, you may feel you have a problem with alcohol. Here are some ideas as to where you can go for help if you think you drink too much or you live with someone who does.

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Dilemmas of Sexuality
People can be confused about their sexuality and this can cause a lot of anxiety and heartache. Some people know from an early age if they are gay or lesbian, others take longer to work out their feelings. The following pages will give you information about agencies that can help with this and also those that provide help, advice and support to transsexuals, transvestites and anyone confused about gender issues.

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Medical Conditions
There are times when we all want to know more about medical problems, whether our curiosity stems from a long term condition or minor illness. The information we want can be anything from what medicines we need to treat the illness and when we need to consult a doctor, to whether there are any support groups for moral support and practical advice.

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Setting up a GroupComputer and People
Do you think that a problem shared is a problem halved? Do you have some skills, knowledge or experiences that you wish to share with others, or perhaps you cannot find a particular group to suit your needs? If these statements apply to you and you wish to try setting up a group of your own then you need look no further than the following pages.

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Royal Naval Charities
Many charities have been set up over the years to help Naval families, regular or reserve, in times of distress or need. Some are just for Navy people while others are for all three services. Officers and ratings, serving or retired, and their dependants can all be considered for help from one or more charities. Help is available to meet many kinds of need including: rent and mortgage payment, child care, disability aids, training for second careers, removal expenses, household goods and house repairs, food, clothing, gas and electricity, medical expenses, financial problems.

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Alexandra House picAlexandra House
Alexandra House is a purpose built facility with an experienced and qualified team providing Nursery Day Care, Sessional Care and some short-term Residential care.

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