25 June, 2009



What Do You Mean By Next-Of-Kin?

  • Naval personnel are required to give details of the persons they wish to be notified in the event they become a casualty due to death, notifiable injury or illness or is missing.
  • The Royal Navy will only notify the person who has been nominated on JPA.
  • Completion of the Personal Information in Section A of JPA Self Service – Employee Armed Forces, allows naval personnel to nominate an Emergency Contact who will be notified in the event of an incident.  The Emergency Contact does not need to be your Legal Next of Kin.
  • The nominated person(s) will be informed as quickly as possible in order that they do not hear of their tragedy by other means first.
  • It is MOD policy not to release the names of those killed in an incident until NOK have been informed.
    It should be stressed that the person nominated is not necessarily the legal next-of-kin and that being nominated does not give that person any legal rights.

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