25 June, 2009


Royal Navy Club

List of the Members

The list was corrected on 19th December 2008. Members are asked to advise the Secretary of the Club of any error with their entry.

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1987 Daglish H B Captain LVO
2003 Dainton S Commander
1990 Dale T R Commander
1954 Dalrymple-Hamilton N E F Captain CVO MBE DSC
1966 Dalton Sir Geoffrey Vice Admiral KCB
1998 Darlington M R Commander
2002 Davies C J Commander
1997 Davies P N M Captain
1996 Davis-Marks M L Captain OBE
1967 de Beaufort-Suchlick J Captain OBE
1968 de Courcy-Ireland H G Captain
1989 de Halpert Sir Jeremy Rear Admiral KCVO CB
1970 de Winton J F Captain
1995 Dean R Commander
2004 Dible J H Commander
1996 Dickens D J R Commodore OBE
1990 Dickson A P Commodore
1972 Dimmock R C Rear Admiral CB
1972 Dingemans N F Captain
1971 Dingemans P G V Rear Admiral CB DSO
1972 Dobson Sir David Vice Admiral KBE
1991 Docherty P T Commodore OBE
2006 Dominy D J D Commander
2008 Dowsett P G Commander
1995 Douglas C F Commander
1999 Doyle G L Captain
2008 Draper S P Commander
1972 Dreyer J C Captain LVO
1994 Drummond J R G Commander
2004 Duffy H Commander
2006 Dunn P E Commander
2004 Dunn R P Commander
2001 Durkin M T G Captain
1992 Durston D H Commander
2001 Dutton D Captain
1982 Du Vivier P E Captain
1985 Dymock Sir Anthony Vice Admiral KBE CB

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