25 June, 2009


Deployment Matters

This section deals with the emotional problems associated with deployments. Separation makes communications difficult and deployments can be emotionally stressful, especially for those left behind. Such emotions are normal and we all share them to a greater or lesser extent. The links below are here to help in the understanding of this and thus hopefully help us to deal with separation better.

The Emotional Cycle of Deployment
Research has examined the natural pattern of emotions that everybody goes through whilst experiencing separation. It shows that by realising these emotions are natural and that you are not the only family experiencing them can go along way towards helping you cope with the difficulty of being apart. The link below summarises this research in an easy to read booklet.

info More Information: Coping With Separation

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Homecomings and Reunions
Everybody looks forward to the family getting together again after a period of separation, BUT it can be stressful as well as joyful. So click below to learn how to make it a happy and relaxing time.

info More Information: Homecoming and Reunion

Children and Deployment
Don't forget children have feelings too, and they will worry as much as the rest of us about the deployment and the feelings this evokes. The link below aims to give you general advice about supporting children, with the option to access more detailed information if you want to.

info More Information: What About the Children

Problems Following Deployment
In a very few instances some serving personnel may require extra help in getting over the experiences of separation or the deployment. Help can be sought through any of the various Service welfare agencies, and the publication, The Trauma Risk Management Stress Handbook, also provides basic useful advice and contact details.

Download Downloadable File: TRIM Stress Handbook (PDF)
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Download Downloadable File: Be Strong in Stress Leaflet (PDF)
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