25 June, 2009


Accommodation Allowances

a.   Lodging Allowance (LA):  This allowance is to enable Service personnel in the UK to rent accommodation and meet associated necessary costs in cases where single public accommodation is unavailable and Substitute Single Service Accommodation (SSSA) is unavailable or inappropriate.   LA is normally provided for Service personnel who are detached from their duty station for periods in excess of 30 days and less than 6 months.

b.   Overseas Rent Allowance: This aims to reimburse Service personnel with the necessary cost of rent and utilities for rented accommodation when they are assigned overseas and no suitable Service Families Accommodation (SFA), Single Living Accommodation (SLA), Substitute Service Families Accommodation (SSFA) or Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA) is available.

c.   Overseas Furniture Provision Scheme: The aim of the Overseas Furniture Provision Scheme (OFPS) is to provide furniture and furnishings for Service personnel, who are necessarily living overseas in unfurnished publicly-rented accommodation or foreign government quarters.

d.   Long Service Advance of Pay:  This is an advance of pay to assist eligible personnel to enter the housing market; and/or to help meet housing needs arising from changing personal circumstances during an applicant’s Service career.

e.   Services Home Savings Scheme and Home Savings Allowances:  The aim of Service Home Savings Scheme (SHSS) and Home Savings Allowance (HSA) was to encourage Service personnel to save towards the purchase of a property and to promote home ownership through replicating Mortgage Interest Relief at Source (MIRAS) benefits.  With the demise of MIRAS on 1 April 2000, both schemes closed to new investors.  Some serving Service personnel are still members.

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