25 June, 2009


Stages of Service Separation

Stage Three - Emotional Disorganisation
It doesn't matter how prepared you are, your partner leaving can be a real shock. The feeling of relief you both feel after the goodbyes may leave you with doubts…you may question your commitment to each other…you may ask yourself why you feel so relieved. As discussed at Stage 2 the human mind can distance itself from potential sources of pain. This is done for the very practical reason of self protection, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Some feel numb, listless and unsure of what they are supposed to be doing, or how they will cope for so long. You may fall out of routines, or have difficulty keeping up with tasks you would normally not even have to think about. Some become depressed and withdrawn from friends and family. You may feel overwhelmed by the total responsibility of the house and home, especially if you have children to care for.

You may find it difficult to sleep, and be anxious about noises at night. Some sleep excessively, feeling lethargic and without energy. Again, you may feel resentment at the partner who has left, for leaving you to cope alone.

Equally, absent partners often feel worried and fearful about their partner and family. Concerned that they should be at home providing support, or worried they should have done more. Remember, that just because you are surrounded by other people on ship or with your unit, it is still OK to feel lonely, and not unusual to worry about your loved ones at home.

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