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Resettlement Process

Resettlement Support
The Navy is committed to assist Service personnel in their transition to civilian life. It is recognised that this transition involves more than job finding and information is available on other aspects, including housing, schooling and finance.

Every ship and establishment has a Resettlement Officer who is responsible for providing basic resettlement advice. In addition, there are Naval Resettlement Information Officers at each Base Port, at Yeovilton, Culdrose, and at CTCRM Lympstone, who are able to provide more detailed and in-depth information about the resettlement process.

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Every Service leaver who enlisted prior to 1 Sep 02 and who completes a minimum of three years service, and those who complete a minimum of 4 years service having enlisted on 1 Sep 02 or later, are eligible to register for the Job Finding Service offered by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP).

Personnel who leave on the completion of 5 years service having enlisted prior to 1 Sep 02, and those who have completed 6 years service having enlisted on 1 Sep 02 or later, are eligible for time to attend resettlement activities. In addition there is financial support to undertake training for new skills, should that be required, plus a number of travel warrants. The amount of time and the number of warrants are dependent upon the length of service of the leaver. Resettlement Officers are able to advise leavers on their eligibility, and can register them for the full CTP support, which includes resettlement training courses, a number of workshops, a personal career consultant and access to the Job Finding Service.

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The Process
Leavers should have their first interview with a Resettlement Officer on entering their resettlement phase which is two years before release, or immediately if notice is being given. It is never too early, however, to seek to develop the skills, which may be of use to an outside employer. Education and Resettlement Officers are able to provide advice on the opportunities available to improve personal knowledge and skills and to increase future civilian employability. The Standard Learning Credit (SLC) and the Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) schemes are available to provide financial support in this area.

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Medical Discharge
If the Service person is being given a medical discharge, he or she will be eligible for resettlement assistance no matter how long they have served. It is important that the Naval Resettlement Information Officer (Medical), NRIO (Med) at the Institute of Naval Medicine in Gosport is consulted as soon as possible if a medical discharge is being considered.

Phone Icon Phone: 02392 768060 - NRIO (Med)

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