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Keeping In Touch

This section is designed to show the types of communications that may be available to you during deployment; e.g., phone, letters, e-blueys and emergency contact methods. However, before accessing these links, here are some general thoughts about the methods of keeping in touch.

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Use of Telephones
Sometimes these are less than satisfying. Often important issues cannot be properly or fully addressed. It can be difficult to know what to say or to say the right thing. So prepare what you have to say - some people find that writing things down can help. Also phone calls can be cut off at the most inconvenient time, so have a pre-arranged plan for re-contacting each other.

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Letter writing
Letters offer several advantages. They are cheaper, can be more intimate, varied and creative and can be kept. They allow time to deal appropriately with any problems. Committing yourself to paper may mean a more rational, thoughtful and balanced approach. You can take your time, seek advice and rewrite as often as you wish. Simply by writing you may see a way of solving a problem. The time taken to write is seldom wasted and usually much appreciated.

Letters from home are vital for morale, they are emotional lifelines with home and loved ones and proof that someone cares. It is a good idea to write a little each day, as is numbering them so that it is obvious if they are received out of order or go missing. Equally, letters to home are just as important - they reassure those at home of your health and safety and that the relationships are secure.

Remember - whatever method you use, keeping in touch is vital, and don't forget you can send almost anything through the post - newspaper cuttings, photos, drawings, CDs and DVDs.

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