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Marine Engineering Courses - List Two

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0719 Machine Shop Experience (SAMCO 524)

Designed to familiarise Senior Mechanics with machining process and give practical experience of centre lathe, milling work and tool grinding.

Download Downloadable File: 07.18 Machine Shop Experience (SAMCO 524) (PDF) (193Kb)


MMA Welder (Class 2)

Designed to train the student in MMA Welding to Class 2 Standard.

Download Downloadable File: 07.19 MMA Welder (Class 2) (PDF) (193Kb)

0721 MMA Welder (Class 3)

Designed to train the student in MMA Welding to Class 3 Standard. The qualification is valid for two years if not employed as a welder.

Download Downloadable File: 07.20 MMA Welder (Class 3) (PDF) (193Kb)

0726 Outboard Motor Maintainer

To enable Ratings up to CPO and equivalent to operate and carry out onboard maintenance and defect rectification on Outboard Motors.

Download Downloadable File: 07.21 Outboard Motor Maintainer (PDF) (193Kb)

0728 Power and Distribution System Specialist Maintainer (COCOG/COGAG)

Designed to provide the student with the Power and Distribution training required to carry out the duties of the Diesel Power Generation Distribution systems specialist maintainer for equipment commonly fitted in surface ships (COCOG / COCAG).

Download Downloadable File: 07.22 Power and Distribution System Specialist Maintainer (PDF) (193Kb)

0729 Printed Circuit Board Repairs/Replacement (SAMCO 44)

Designed to provide in depth knowledge and practical skills in Advanced Electronic Assembly Techniques (including Circuit Board Repair and Modification).

Download Downloadable File: 07.23 Printed Circuit Board Repairs/Replacement (PDF) (194Kb)

0730 Propulsion Systems Specialist Maintainer (AdProp) (Common)
Designed to provide Senior Rating Marine Engineering students with the training to be able to carry out and supervise all condition monitoring, preventative and corrective maintenance and the incorporation of A&A and Modifications associated with the AdProp Specialist Equipment and Systems.

Download Downloadable File: 07.24 Propulsion Systems Specialist Maintainer (PDF) (193Kb)

0732 Specialist Machinist (ADMACH)

Designed to provide the student with the skills required to operate workshop machine tools.

Download Downloadable File: 07.25 Specialist Machinist (ADMACH) (PDF) (389Kb)

0733 Stevedore

Designed to provide students with knowledge to carry out lifting and crane direction operations observing all safety requirements.

Download Downloadable File: 07.27 Stevedore (PDF) (193Kb)

0734 Stones Vapour Generator
Designed to provide Senior Rate marine engineering students with an introduction to the construction, design features, operation and maintenance requirements of an Auxiliary Boiler. To understand the dangers that exist when working on steam systems and the precautions that have to be taken.

Download Downloadable File: 07.28 Stones Vapour Generator (PDF) (193Kb)

0735 Systems Engineering and Management Course (ME) Senior Upper Yardman - SEMC(ME) SUY
To revise and extend theoretical knowledge, and to broaden technical experience giving the Officers a deeper understanding of the principles of engineering design and the management of machinery systems, so providing a basis for the necessary decision making that is central to the discharge of their duties as Engineer Officers.

Download Downloadable File: 07.29 SEMC(ME) SUY (PDF) (194Kb)

0736 Systems Engineering and Management Course (ME) - (SEMC (ME))
To provide Graduate Officers with a knowledge of the principles of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Marine Engineering equipment and systems such that they can undertake the duties of the Deputy Marine Engineer Officer in a small ship or Section Officer in a large ship.

Download Downloadable File: 07.30 (SEMC (ME)) (PDF) (194Kb)

0737 TIG Welding (Class 3)

Designed to train the student in TIG Welding to Class 3 Standard.

Download Downloadable File: 07.31 TIG Welding (class 3) (PDF) (193Kb)

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