25 June, 2009


Royal Navy Club

List of the Members

The list was corrected on 19th December 2008. Members are asked to advise the Secretary of the Club of any error with their entry.

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2003 Cameron A J B Commodore
1998 Carden P D Commander
1984 Carpenter N Commander
2007 Carroll B S Commander
2004 Cartwright D Commander
1972 Carver P M Captain
1972 Casdagli A Captain CBE
1971 Casement M B Commander OBE
1997 Cassar A P F Captain
1983 Cassels Sir Simon Admiral KCB CBE
1970 Cassidi Sir Desmond Admiral GCB
1980 Caswell W M Captain MVO
1986 Caughey C J Captain
1999 Chalmers D P Commander
1991 Chambers N M C Captain OBE
2005 Chandler N J Commander
1979 Channon R F Captain
1999 Charlier S B Rear Admiral
1990 Charlton D R Commander
1959 Chichester M G Commander
1996 Chick S J Captain CBE
1984 Chilton A L Commodore LVO OBE
2000 Chivers P A Captain OBE
2003 Chrishop T I Commander
1972 Clapp M C Captain CB
1989 Clare R A G Rear Admiral
1972 Clarke B J Captain
1995 Clarke C M L Captain CBE
1990 Clarke J P Rear Admiral CB LVO MBE
1992 Clayton C H T Rear Admiral
1998 Clink J R H Captain OBE
2002 Cluett-Green S M Commander
1989 Cobbold R F Rear Admiral CB
1987 Cobley C K D Captain
1996 Cochrane The Hon Michael Captain OBE
1993 Collins P N Commander
1995 Conley D Captain OBE
1997 Connell J A Commander MBE
2004 Connell M J Commander
2000 Connolly C J Commander
2002 Cook P R Commander
1995 Cooke D J Rear Admiral MBE
1981 Cooke J G F Captain OBE
1994 Cooling R G Rear Admiral
2003 Corbett A S Commander
1999 Corder I F Commodore
2002 Corner G C Commander
1998 Corrigan N R Captain
1989 Cosby R A de S Captain LVO
1987 Courtenay K A Captain
1958 Cowan P B Commander
1952 Coward B R Commander OBE
1986 Coward P H Captain
1977 Coward Sir John Vice Admiral KCB DSO
1996 Crabtree I M Commander
2000 Cree M C Captain
1967 Cremer D H Commander
2002 Cunningham J G Commander
2000 Cunningham R A Commander MBE
1994 Cunningham T A Commodore

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