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Charities and Funds

RN Charities image Naval personnel and their families can have special needs and face special problems

Money problems don't always happen because someone hasn't been careful enough with their pay packet. Military life, especially at sea, throws up all sorts of unexpected issues and a lot of these have been recognised so there may well be a Naval or military charity that can help a serving person and their family get over a particular difficulty.

If you are facing money problems the serving person should first try and discuss it with his/her Divisional Officer, Supply Officer, or Bank Manager. If the situation is an embarrassment and you are not confident these people understand or can help, either of you can call the Naval Personal and Family Service/RM Welfare in confidence.

info More Information: NPFS & RM Welfare
info More Information: Pay, Allowances & Pensions
info More Information: Financial

SupportlinePhone help
There is also the (quite separate) Confidential Support Line, which offers free advice and someone to talk to without having to give your name.

Phone Icon Phone: 0800 731 4880 - Freephone

info More Information: Confidential Support Line

Charities which help Naval families
Many charities have been set up over the years to help Naval families, regular or reserve, in times of distress or need. Some are just for Navy people while others are for all three services. Officers and ratings, serving or retired, and their dependants can all be considered for help from one or more charities. These charities are there to serve the sailor or marine but all will need solid proof of service before they can consider a case for support. For the retired this can come in many forms: discharge papers, photos, old official letters, etc, but it will be asked for in all cases.

Help is available to meet many kinds of need including: rent and mortgage payment, child care, disability aids, training for second careers, removal expenses, household goods and house repairs, food, clothing, gas and electricity, medical expenses, financial problems.


The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity

"To enhance the quality of life of our beneficiaries"

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) is the Navy Board’s preferred single focus vehicle for naval charity

The charity was established in 2007 to reflect the desire of the Navy Board to focus charitable giving, which had become complicated and hard for beneficiaries to understand. The charity sits as an independent body, outside the command structure, and works very closely with the Navy’s oldest charity, Greenwich Hospital, which was established by Royal Charter in 1694.  It retains close links with the intentions of the Navy Board and aligns its outputs to support those intentions particularly in the requirement to increase military efficiency.

The RNRMC has a flexible structure that has satisfactorily incorporated funds and organisations covering a wide range of activities, from sport to prizes and amenities and the large and ever growing area of benevolence. In 2007 nearly £1.8m was distributed from its own sources and our charitable giving will increase in the years ahead as we assume the responsibility for distributing the significant charitable grants currently made by Greenwich Hospital (£1.6m) and also becoming the channel through which increased sums flow from the Hospital’s revenue into naval charity.

The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Charity (RNRMC) Charity Number 1117794

Cdr Stephen Carter
RNRMC General Secretary
Navy Command Headquarters, Mail Point 1.3
Leach Building
Whale Island

Phone Icon Phone: 023 9262 5238
fax (white bg) Fax: 023 9262 5272
Email Email: stephen.carter837@mod.uk

The RNRMC supports the men and women, and their dependants, who are serving or who have served in the different arms of the Naval Service and the Naval Auxiliaries:

  • The Royal Navy
  • The Royal Marines
  • The Reserve Forces
  • Naval Auxiliaries

We also distribute grants to other naval charities such as the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, The RN and RM Children’s Fund, the RM Benevolent Fund, the WRNS Benevolent Trust and many others.

The objects for which we are established are wide:

To provide relief in need, hardship or distress of beneficiaries, their families or dependants
To assist with provision or contribution to the education and training of beneficiaries
To promote efficiency in the Naval Service and Auxiliaries by way of enhancing morale, improving recruitment and retention and the further relief and encouragement of serving men and women 

We thus cover the whole spectrum of beneficiaries from the moment you enter the naval family, for the rest of your life.

In the first instance please contact the General Secretary at the above address who will be delighted to guide you through the process for either individual or block requests. All applications are considered on the basis of need.

We are delighted to receive donations which should be sent to the above address. We would normally apply donations to our general fund, which is at the discretion of the Trustees who direct money to the areas of greatest need. If you prefer, you can specify a particular cause, area of focus or beneficiary group (see What we do)

The RNRMC is a grant making charity. To achieve our mission we raise funds and then channel them through our own subsidiary charities and also to other naval charities.

Raising Funds
The RNRMC, like all charities, has a constant need for new funds. These come from

  • Our Investments
  • Donations and Legacies
  • Grants from Greenwich Hospital
  • Payroll Giving – The Sports Amenities and Benevolence Scheme (SABS)
  • Fundraising

Grant making
The following funds are subsidiary funds and organisations within the RNRMC:

Military Efficiency

  • Naval Service Dependants’ Fund -A payment made to the next of kin within 48 hours in the event of death in service, for any reason
  • The Fleet Air Arm Benevolent Trust -Providing financial relief in the event of death of a member of the Fleet Air Arm following an aircraft accident or loss
  • Naval Service Amenity Fund -Providing funds to assist with recreational facilities and activities, religious activity or funds to support requirements for members under medical care
  • Sir Donald Gosling Maritime Reserve Amenity Fund -Provides funds to increase the efficiency of the naval service reserves
  • Naval Service Sports Charity -Providing funds for the promotion of individual and team sport and adventure training
  • Naval Service Prizes and Awards Fund -Enabling ships and establishments to recognise excellence through the provision of prizes and awards


  • Naval Service Benevolence Fund -The main fund for providing block grants to our fellow naval charities (see below) as well as making individual grants for benevolence
  • Plymouth Royal Naval Aid Fund -Provides relief to beneficiaries in the Plymouth Naval command or whose ships are Plymouth based
  • Royal Naval Officers’ Charity -Incorporating the RNBSO and ARNO – provides support to officers and their dependants in need
  • Naval Medical Compassionate Fund -Provides support to the widows and orphans of Naval Medical Officers who were subscribers to the fund on their decease
  • Queen Alexandra Royal Naval Nursing Service Trust -Provides relief and support to past and present members of the QARNNS

Co-existing Naval Charities
The RNRMC as the single focus for Naval charity acts as a benefactor for and a signpost to all co-existing Naval Charities.  The following charities receive the majority of the funds currently distributed by the RNRMC from major grants and contributions: 

  • The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust – for those who are serving or have served as ratings in the RN or other ranks in the RM and their dependants
  • The Royal Marines Charities – provides relief and support to members of the Royal Marines past and present and their dependants
  • The RN & RM Children’s Fund – for children of serving and former members of the Naval Service
  • WRNS Benevolent Trust – for WRNS officers and ratings who served between 1939 and 1993, including those who transferred to the RN
  • Royal Sailors’ Rest – supports serving and retired personnel and their families by investing in people, places and projects.

sf-logoSeafarers UK

Who and what is Seafarers UK?

Seafarers UK is the leading maritime charity supporting people from the Royal Navy, Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who have risked their lives at sea.

In 1917 a charity to care for the needs of those who had served at sea was established.  King George V took a personal interest from the outset, hence the charity was originally known as King George’s Fund for Sailors (KGFS).  In 2005 KGFS became Seafarers UK as this described more accurately the work that is done by the organisation across the UK.  Those of you who are observant will see that we are 90 years old this year!

So what does Seafarers UK do? 

The mission of Seafarers UK is quite simply, to improve the quality of life for seafarers.  This is focused on four main groups:

  • Older Seafarers
  • Dependant Families and Children
  • Serving Seafarers
  • Maritime Trainees

Operating as an “umbrella” charity, Seafarers UK does not give money directly to individuals, but raises huge amounts of funding on behalf of many maritime charities. Naval charities receiving grants from Seafarers UK include the Royal Naval Benevolent Trust, Association of Royal Navy Officers, Royal Marines Benevolent Fund, Wrens Benevolent Trust and RN&RM Children’s Fund for distribution through their grants committees to individuals as they see fit.

Seafarers UK
8 Hatherley Street
London SW1P 2QT

Phone Icon Phone: 020 7932 0000
website Web Site: Seafarers UK
Email E-mail: seafarers@seafarers-uk.org

White Ensign Association White Ensign Association (Officers, Ratings and Families)
Set up over forty years ago by Lord Mountbatten to provide help and advice to all RN/RM and RNR/RMR personnel and their families. It is a source of free and unbiased help on all matters of personal finance. Should you have concerns over savings, investments, loans, pensions, house purchase or debt you should feel free to discuss your problems with someone from the Association. They are not in the business of selling anything. They are a charity dedicated to providing advice and help on many of the matters that come out of running a home and family.

The White Ensign Association Limited
Tooley Street

Phone Icon Phone: 020 7407 8658 | Mil: 9621 81945
fax (white bg) Fax: 020 7357 6298
website Web site: White Ensign Association

Royal Naval Benevolent TrustRoyal Naval Benevolent Trust (Ratings Only)
Exists to provide relief for ratings and their dependants in cases of necessity or distress. They may offer help towards anything from childcare to removal expenses, disability aids to training for a second career. Even food and clothing. Ex-service personnel can also be helped. Requests for assistance can be made personally or by letter to:

The Secretary
Royal Naval Benevolent Trust
311 Twyford Avenue

Phone Icon Phone: 023 92 690112 - RNBT Administration
Email E-mail: RNBT rnbt@rnbt.org.uk
website Web site: Royal Naval Benevolent Trust

Royal Naval Reserve Benevolent Fund (Ratings Only)Royal Naval Reserve Benevolent Fund (Ratings Only)
This Fund is for the relief of men and women who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress, who are members or former members of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Women's Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, Royal Naval Reserve and Women's Royal Naval Reserve, not being commissioned officers, or professional seafarers.

Wives, widows and young children of such persons also qualify.

Cdr J Curteis RNR
The Cottage
St Hilary
Vale of Glamorgan
CF71 7DP

Phone Icon Phone: 01446 771108 - RN (V) R Benevolent Fund
website Web site: RN(V)R Benevolent Fund

Association of Royal Navy Officers Charitable Trust
The charity arm of the membership organisation, it gives relief of hardship by grants to all officers of the RN, RM, QARNNS, former WRNS and all their Reserves, and to their dependants who are in financial distress. This includes the award of bursaries.

The Secretary
Association of Royal Navy Officers
70 Porchester Terrace
W2 3TP

Phone Icon Phone: 020 7402 5231
fax (white bg) Fax: 020 7402 5533
website Web site: ARNO

Royal Naval Benevolent Society for Officers
The aim of the Society is to provide financial assistance to RN and RM officers in need. Those eligible are officers of the RN, RM, QARNNS, their respective reserves, both serving and retired, and to their spouses, former spouses and dependants.

The Secretary
Royal Naval Benevolent Society for Officers
70 Porchester Terrace
W2 3TP

Phone Icon Phone: 020 7402 5231
fax (white bg) Fax: 020 7402 5533
Email E-mail: RNBSO@lineone.net

Forces Special Needs Disability Support GroupSoldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Families Association - Forces Help
SSAFA Forces Help exists to help according to need all men and women serving, or who have served at any time, in the Armed Forces of the Crown, and their families and dependants, which include widows and widowers. The Branch network operates world-wide and its caseworkers and visitors act as sympathetic, knowledgeable and confidential friends to people with problems and difficulties, however personal and varied, and make financial grants where needed.

The vast majority of SSAFA Forces Help work is with ex-Service people and their families. This work may involve obtaining state benefit, financial grants, or simply giving friendly support, advice and help. A primary task for SSAFA Forces Help is to assess individual situations and then, as appropriate, provide funds on behalf of Service Funds and Associations, and of many other charities and funds. Caseworkers are trained to identify appropriate sources of assistance, both financial and non-financial.

SSAFA Forces Help can also help serving members of the Armed Forces, often with requests for compassionate leave, postings or discharge, or with requests to visit relatives and report back on the situation at home. Reservists and their families are also assisted, typically during mobilisation.

A Family Escort Service is provided by volunteers from the branches and by Community Volunteers. Family Escorts can assist Service families and their dependants who are travelling to, from and within the UK, and who have compassionate needs or are travelling with young children and luggage and would find negotiating public transport systems difficult.

Your local SSAFA Forces Help can be found in the telephone book or...

Phone Icon Phone: 020 7403 8783 / 020 7962 9696
Email E-mail: info@ssafa.org.uk
website Web site: SSAFA

Royal Sailors Rests 'AGGIES'Royal Sailors Rests "AGGIES"
Named after Dame AGGIE WESTON familiarly known as Aggies. Royal Sailors Rests were established to provide safe beds ashore for seagoing sailors in the Victorian Royal Navy. Now a general sailors' support charity with Christian roots it still has much to offer, although the rooms in hostels ashore have now nearly all gone with the exception of the one left in Scotland. RSR still currently provide Christian, alcohol free family leisure centres for serving personnel and their families situated close to the naval port areas at:

RSR Rowner
Grange Road

Phone Icon Phone: 02392 582509 

RSR Helensburgh - 'Braeholm'
31 East Montrose Street

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 672854 - (inc accommodation)

RSR has joined forces with Credit Action to provide a specialist debt counselling service exclusively for the Naval community.

This service is based on a comprehensive self-help booklet and supported by a Helpline run by the specialists at Credit Action. The booklet offers a practical manual with step by step advice on such issues as how to prioritise debts, how to prepare a financial statement and how to negotiate with creditors. There are also a large number of ready-made letters for copying when writing to creditors and most importantly a long list of contacts where help can be obtained.

website Web site: Royal Sailors Rest
website Web site: Credit Action

Further assistance regarding managing your financial affairs can be found at:

info More Information: Financial

Royal Naval and Royal Marines Childrens FundRoyal Naval and Royal Marine's Children's Fund
For the support of children of serving and retired RN, RM, QARNNS and Reserves personnel in need of care and help. Grants are given for education, equipment, home care, etc, where a social need is proven. Children are defined as from birth to age 18. The RN & RM Children's Fund works closely with many charities dedicated to providing help to children. If the type of assistance falls outside the objects of the Fund, then the application will be referred to other charities with the object of creating a care package.

Applications can be made at any time. Those seeking assistance can contact the office direct for an application form or pint one from the Website. Applications are received from a number of sources including the Naval Personal and Family Service.

Phone Icon Phone: 023 92 639534
fax (white bg) Fax: 023 92 677574
Email E-mail: rnchildren@btconnect.com
website Web site: RNRMCF

FCT-LogoForces Children's Trust
The Forces Children’s Trust is a charity devoted to helping dependant children that have lost a parent or have had a parent injured whilst serving with the Armed Forces.

website Web Site: Forces Childrens Trust

The QARNNS Trust Fund is for the benefit of serving and past members of the QARNNS. It does this in two main ways. Firstly, it is there to assist in relieving hardship of QARNNS personnel, both ex and serving. Applications of this sort are usually via a service charity (e.g. British Red Cross, SSAFA, etc) but are sometimes made directly to the fund.

The other area is in the improvement of efficiency of QARNNS personnel. This is done through various means but includes the funding of the QARNNS Symposium, the Rosebowl Tennis tournament and the QARNNS Remembrance service, amongst other events.

Other grants include an annual contribution to the QARNNS Associations and various Adventure Training exercises and sports events involving QARNNS.

If you like further information or wish to apply to the Trust Fund, please contact Commander Judy Onions.

Phone Icon Phone: 02392 625578 | Mil: 93832 5578
website Web Site: QARNNS

QAHH LogoThe Queen Alexandra Hospital Home
Founded in 1919 The Queen Alexandra Hospital Home is a registered charity (1072334) that provides nursing and rehabilitation care for physically disabled ex-Servicemen and women in a comfortable professional setting. We pride ourselves on our welcoming home from home environment.

website Web Site: Queen Alexandra Hospital Home

RMA logo Royal Marines Association
'Once a Marine, always a Marine' is more than a glib soundbite - not one of us who have once walked through the gates of CTCRM will ever be quite the same again. The RMA gives substance to membership of the unique and elite family of which we are all a part...

The Royal Marines Association was formed in 1946 to help Royal Marines resettle and find jobs after the second world war and allow them to maintain contact with the Corps. The RMA existas to provide an Association which brings benefit to its members and plays a vibrant and supportive part in the life of the Corps family.

website Web Site: RMA

Royal Marines Benevolent Fund
The principal purpose of the Fund is to benefit persons who are serving or who have served in the Royal Marines, or their dependants, to relieve need, hardship or distress. The Fund was formed in 1997 and subsumed the following funds and their purposes:

  • The Upton Kelly Memorial Fund. The aim of the fund is to relieve distress or necessity amongst officers who have served in the Royal Marines and their dependants.
  • Royal Marines Tercentenary Relief Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to provide on the death from any causes of either serving Royal Marines or a Reservist on duty a sum of money for the widow or recorded next of kin and thus relieve the initial financial problems. The sum of money authorised may be altered from time to time by the Trustees, the grant is currently £2,450.
  • Royal Marines Welfare Fund. The income to this fund may be used to relieve distress among serving and retired Warrant Officers, non commissioned officers and men of the Royal Marines, their widows and dependants.
  • Royal Marines Band Benevolent Fund (RMBBF). The RMBBF is used to relieve needy or distressed or retired RM Band Service ranks or their dependants by making case grants. The income is derived from donations, dividends and interest.

For any further information or advice please contact the Corps Secretary:

RM Assistant Corps Secretary
Whale Island
P02 8ER

Phone Icon Phone: 023 92 547201
Email E-mail: royalmarines.charities@charity.vfree.com

RMR Fiftieth Anniversary Relief Fund
Formed in 1998 with an initial grant from the RM Benevolent Fund and is supported by donations. Its object is to relieve the need, distress or hardship of serving or retired members of the RMR, or their widows, dependants or immediate close family, as a result of death, disability or other tragic circumstances; these circumstances will normally be in part or wholly attributable to Crown Service.

The Corps' non-public funds are administered by the Corps Secretariat in Whale Island and have charitable status. Corps Funds have three main sources of income:

  • Corps subscriptions and investment dividends.
  • Bank interest.
  • Donations and Legacies.

For any further information or advice contact the Corps Secretary:

RM Assistant Corps Secretary
Whale Island
P02 8ER

Phone Icon Phone: 023 92 547201
Email E-mail: royalmarines.charities@charity.vfree.com

The Royal Naval Association Royal Naval Association
The Royal Naval Association (RNA) is the principal organisation for those who have served in our Naval Forces. It aims to foster comradeship and "esprit de corps" amongst those who served or are serving in our Naval Forces. It also provides relief from conditions of need or distress, to persons who serve in or have served in our Naval Forces and all dependants of such persons.

website Web site: Royal Naval Association

Royal Fleet Auxiliary AssociationRoyal Fleet Auxiliary Association
Adopting Charitable Status in 2002 this Association has been in existence (formally as the RFA Reunion) since the 1970s as a support and contact point for serving and retired RFA seafarers. It aims to foster the spirit of the RFA Service and help those of its number who encounter personal difficulties.

The objects of the Association as stated on their Website are:

To further the efficiency of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service ("the Service") in particular but not exclusively by:

  • Fostering esprit de corps and preserving the traditions of the Service and perpetuating its deeds.
  • Perpetuating the memory of those members of the Service who have died in the service of their country.

To relieve members or former members of the Service or their dependants who are in need, hardship or distress by:

  • Making grants of money to them.
  • Providing or paying for goods, services or facilities for them.
  • Making grants of money to other persons or bodies who provide goods, services or facilities to those in need.
  • Providing advice and counselling to them during bereavement or injury or during times of crisis or conflict.

The RFA Association
5 Station House
Bellingham, Hexham
NE48 2DG

Phone Icon Phone: 01434 220000
Email E-mail: lookout@rfa-association.org
website Web site: Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Women's Royal Naval Service Benevolent TrustWomen's Royal Naval Service Benevolent Trust
Although the WRNS does not now exist as a separate Naval corps the Trust still operates for those women officers and ratings, who served in the Women's Royal Naval Service between 1 September 1939 and 1 November 1993. Those who are still serving and transferred to the Royal Navy in November 1993 are automatically members. Female officers and ratings who joined after 1993 are entitled to approach RNBT / RNBS. However, the Trust cannot help those who deserted from the Service (even if a pardon has been obtained).

The primary objects of the Trust are to:

  • Provide relief in cases of necessity or distress among members of the Trust and their dependants.
  • To make provision in suitable cases for assistance in training.
  • To make contributions to other suitable charities to enable them to carry out their respective objects for the benefit of the Trust's members.
  • To do anything ancillary to any of the above objects.

Applications for assistance can be made direct to the General Secretary below, or through:

General Secretary
Castaway House
311 Twyford Avenue

Phone Icon Phone: 023 92 655301
fax (white bg) Fax: 023 92 679040
Email E-mail: admin@wrnsbt.org.uk
website Web site: WRNS Benevolent Trust

Royal British LegionRoyal British Legion
Provides financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants. Currently, nearly 11 million people are eligible for their support and they receive around 300,000 calls for help every year.

The Legion was founded in 1921 as a voice for the ex-Service community and the present 550,000 members continue to ensure that this voice does not go unheard. Although the needs of ex-Service people have changed over the years, they are still there to safeguard their welfare, interests and memory.

Anyone who has served in the Forces for 7 days or more is eligible for our help. Assistance is available in the form of grants; home and hospital visits for the sick or housebound; information; advice and support for claiming disablement war pensions; individual grants for those who are disabled or in need; residential and nursing care for over 400 people in one of seven care homes; welfare breaks for over 4,200 people in one of three welfare beak centres; practical assistance for widows and families to visit a relative's war grave; advice and financial support to ex-Service people wanting to start a business; support for ex-Service people in finding jobs and courses to equip them for civilian life; employment for ex-Service people, many disabled, within the Legion and its related companies; a voice for ex-Service people on issues such as Gulf War Related Illness.

The Royal British Legion
48 Pall Mall

Phone Icon Phone: 08457 725 725
website Web site: Royal British Legion

Greenwich Hospital
Greenwich Hospital is the Royal Navy's oldest charity. A Crown charity established by Royal Charter in 1694, it provides charitable support to serving and retired men and women of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines and to their dependants, including the education of their children.

It does this through providing sheltered housing, pensions and grants to naval charities. The Hospital owns the Royal Hospital School, a co-educational boarding school at Holbrook near Ipswich, principally for the children and grandchildren of naval and other seafaring families. Also the Hospital makes some other educational grants.

If you are a serving member of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines you are eligible for educational support from Greenwich Hospital at the Royal Hospital School. This support does not depend on whether or not you are eligible for Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA), formerly Boarding School Allowance (BSA).

For further information on:

website Greenwich Hospital go to: www.grenhosp.org.uk
website The Royal Hospital School go to: www.royalhospitalschool.org

Email Greenwich Hospital Sheltered Housing, e-mail to: HM@cessaha.fsnet.co.uk

SABS_logoThe Sports Amenities and Benevolent Scheme (SABS)
Sports Amenities and Benevolence Scheme (SABS) is the Royal Navy and Royal Marines charity payroll giving scheme.  Money raised through this voluntary deduction from pay is donated to the Royal Navy Royal Marines Charity

Donations benefit both serving and ex-serving members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines as well as their dependants.  The Scheme supports:

Sport – supports Naval men and women, their clubs and associations
Amenities – support to RN and RM for activities and amenities not publicly  funded
Benevolence - both for serving and ex-serving members and their dependants
Naval Service Dependants Fund – an immediate death in service payment of £12,000 to nominated next of kin

All serving personnel of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines are encouraged to donate a minimum of £1 per week or a higher fixed amount per month.  Donations are taken from ‘before tax’ pay. To start donating today a completed application form should be returned to ‘SABS Manager, Barham Block, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth, PO1 3HH’.  Or you may wish to contact your SABS Champion (all ships/units should have one) who can help you.

For more information please contact,

Phone Icon Phone: 023 92816508 -SABS Manager
Phone Icon Phone: 023 92625247 - Fleet Charities Officer 
Email Email: Susie.norbury813@mod.uk

Download Downloadable File: SABS A5 Form (PDF)

mssc_logoThe Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC)
The Marine Society & Sea Cadets (MSSC) was established in 2004 from a mergerof The Marine Society and the Sea Cadet Association. The MSSC exists to offer seafarers and prospective seafarers a range of services to enhance their well being and lifestyle, provision that has evolved over more than 250 years.

The Marine Society has provided guidance, lifelong learning opportunities and support for professional seafarers from all the sea services since before the time of Nelson.

Through the College of the Sea it enables British seafarers to continue their education and improve their qualifications by distance learning, wherever they happen to find themselves in the world. Financial support for professional advancement is available through scholarships, grants, and interest-free loans.

The Sea Cadets is the nation’s most enduring maritime youth organisation and aims to encourage good citizenship and provide worthwhile qualifications, experience and adventure to young people throughout the UK. In hundreds of units throughout the country thousands of young people have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills while having fun and making friends.

Phone Icon Phone: 020 7654 7000
website Web Site: www.mscos.ac.uk
website Web Site: www.ms-sc.org
Email Email: education@ms-sc.org

ACO logoThe Association of Charity Officers
ACO is the premier body in the UK for charity professionals who specialise in looking after the needs of individuals and families and exists to put charities in touch with people in need and people in need in touch with charities.

website Web Site: Association of Charity Officers

Whilst every effort has been made to include all the relevant Service charities and associations this is not believed to be an exhaustive list, and it is possible that other avenues of support may exist. If you believe that your charity or organisation (UK Armed Services related only) should be listed on this page, please contact the webmaster@rncom.mod.uk

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