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Operations Courses

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1201Exclusive Economic Zone Protection Officer (EEZ)
To provide Officers from overseas Navies with background knowledge of EEZ Operations to assist them in acting as a watch keeping officer/manager in a shore headquarters or seagoing patrol vessel.

Download Downloadable File: 12.01 Exclusive Economic Zone Protection Officer (EEZ) (PDF) (398Kb)

1203International Electronic Warfare Manager (IEWM)

To train students in the Principles and Application of Electronic Warfare.

Download Downloadable File: 12.04 International Electronic Warfare Manager (IEWM) (PDF) (191Kb)

1213International Joint Operations Planning

To provide instruction in the principles, planning and conduct of joint combined operations.

Download Downloadable File: 12.05 International Joint Operations Planning (PDF) (92Kb)

1205International Long Navigation Course (ILNC)
To qualify Officers as Navigation Specialists prior to appointment to ocean going vessels of frigate size and above and to act as Instructor or Staff Navigating Officer.

Download Downloadable File: 12.06 International Long Navigation Course (ILNC) (PDF) (198Kb)

1206International Navigating Officers' Course (INOC)

To prepare Officers for appointment as a Navigating Officer in a Corvette or Patrol Craft.

Download Downloadable File: 12.07 International Navigation Officers’ Course (INOC) (PDF) (198Kb)

1208International Principle Warfare Officer 'A' (IPWO(A))
To train selected Officers from overseas Navies in the tactical handling of warships and the integrated use of associated weapons systems and sensors to enable them to act as Watch keeping Warfare Officers of warships up to frigate size. To plan and conduct exercises to allow students to take Tactical Command of a Task Force, to achieve a mission in a multi-threat environment.

Download Downloadable File: 12.09 International Principal Warfare Officer ‘A’ (IPWO(A)) (PDF) (198Kb)

1209International Principle Warfare Officer 'B' (IPWO(B))
To train selected Officers in the tactical handling of ships up to frigate size and their associated weapon systems and sensors to enable them to act as the Warfare Officer.

Download Downloadable File: 12.10 International Principal Warfare Officer ‘B’ (IPWO(B)) (PDF) (199Kb)

1213International Signals Communication Officer (ISCO)

To prepare Officers from overseas navies for Communication duties at sea, and for Staff Communications Officer and instructional duties ashore.

Download Downloadable File: 12.14 International Signals Communication Officer (ISCO) (PDF) (344Kb)

1214International Small Ships Command Course (ISSCC)
To train selected Officers from overseas Navies, particularly Officers selected as Commanding Officers and Executive Officers designate of patrol vessels, in handling and employment of patrol vessels.

Download Downloadable File: 12.15 International Small Ships Command Course (ISSCC) (PDF) (198Kb)

1215International Tactical Instructor Course (ITIC)
To prepare Senior Ratings/SNCOs to take charge of ship's Communication Department, a watch in a Shore Communications Centre and to be an Instructor in a teaching organisation.

Download Downloadable File: 12.16 International Tactical Instructor Course (ITIC) (PDF) (191Kb)

1216MTO ADP Managers

To prepare officers and ratings to carry out the duties of a NAMESIS Manager in either a Shipping Control Point, NCAGS Unit, the NATO Shipping Centre, or a NCAGS HQ.

Download Downloadable File: 12.17 MTO ADP Managers (PDF) (197Kb)

1217 NCAGS Basic
To give initial training in NCAGS to enable an Officer to carry out the duties as an Assistant to the Duty Officer in either a SCP, NCAGS Unit the NATO Shipping Centre or NCAGS Maritime Commander’s Headquarters.

Download Downloadable File: 12.18 NCAGS Basic (PDF) (199Kb)

1218 NCAGS Briefing

Designed to prepare Officers who may be called upon to conduct NCAGS in a Briefing Officer's role.

Download Downloadable File: 12.19 NCAGS Briefing (PDF) (198Kb)

1219 NCAGS Intermediate

To carry out the duties of the Duty Officer in either a NCAGS Unit/SCP, the NATO Shipping Centre or NCAGS HQ.

Download Downloadable File: 12.20 NCAGS Intermediate (PDF) (192Kb)

1220 NCAGS Advanced

To qualify officers to carry out the tasks of the OIC SCP, DWC NATO Shipping Centre. A pre-qualifying course for selection as a SO (NCAGS).

Download Downloadable File: 12.21 NCAGS Advanced (PDF) (198Kb)

1221 International GMDSS General Operations Certificate (GOC)

To prepare candidates for the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System General Operators Certifi cate (GMDSS GOC).

Download Downloadable File: 12.22 International GMDSS General Operations Certificate (GOC) (PDF) (198Kb)

1215International Sub-Lieutenant (Executive) Course (ISL(X))

To train Junior Officers of the Seaman Specialisation in the duties and responsibilities of an Officer of the Watch and to provide a basis for further warfare training.

Download Downloadable File: 12.23 International Sub-Lieutenant (Executive) (ISL(X)) (PDF) (197Kb)

1222 Rigid Inflatable Boat Course
To teach students basic navigation and boat work theory, leading to practical instruction in being a small craft coxswain.

Download Downloadable File: 12.24 Rigid Inflatable Boat Course (PDF) (296Kb)

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