25 June, 2009


It may be that you have taken maternity leave and want to get back to work, or you have spent several years being a full time houseparent and fancy a break or a chance to do some study, or work part time. Who can help take care of your children while you do so? Here are some answers to that question.

Early learning

Early learning...
One way to have your child taken care of for part of the day, whilst starting his or her education early, is to find some PRE SCHOOL EDUCATION for them.

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Mind that child!
Or you could find a registered Childminder who would look after your child, perhaps with one or two others.

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Nursery care
This is another option where the children are encouraged to play in a larger supervised group.

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Home alone

Home alone?
What happens if you have to go into hospital suddenly and your spouse or partner is away at sea? Who is going to take care of the children?

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Night watch?
Is it all right for me to leave my small children in the care of their teenage sister when I go on watch in the Navy Base tonight? Or will the Navy pay for someone to cover this time for me?

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Charging about

Charging about...
Childcare isn't cheap. This is mainly because those doing it are earning a living by it and need to make ends meet too. But this doesn't help the parent who feels they spend enough on the kids already! So how can childcare be made more affordable? And what benefits are there to help? Some information and suggestions...

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Armed Forces Childcare Voucher Scheme
A Voucher Scheme for members of the Armed Forces to help towards the costs of registered childcare has been launched by the Ministry of Defence.

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For those with children being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. With this sense of reward come stress, hurt, anger, guilt, and a myriad of other emotions and experiences. They are and always will be our children. They are often frustrating, pig-headed, and ignorant, but they are also sweet, loving, and caring. 

Pregnant & Prepared Pregnant & Prepared
Whether this is your first or tenth being pregnant places you in a very special and select club. You won't see any men here! Here are some things you can do to help you and your baby prepare for the coming arrival. If you are to be dad, this will help you prepare, both practically and emotionally.

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Forget the eagle…the stork has landed!
The blessed day has arrived; peaceful evenings and a good night's sleep are a dim memory! Possibly the most glorious and the most terrifying time of our lives… Here's how to cope.

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I'm the daddy now!!

I'm the daddy now!!
Becoming a father can be a scary time. Your wife or partner may appear to be distant, your relationship feels like it's changing, and you've got all the extra responsibility of being a dad. Here are some ideas and suggestions to aid the transition.

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Toddler Taming
A psychiatrist once said that most toddlers fit the description of a psychopath. Most psychopaths would take exception to this! The toddler stage can be tough, but they can also be adorable. Here's how to control those tantrums - it will help in the long run.

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Who Rules The Roost?

Who Rules The Roost?
As children grow older, they appear to learn more and more. In fact most eight year olds know most things, and all ten year old know everything! Here's how to maintain some semblance of control in the crazy world of kids!

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Teen Angst
Teen angst can be terrible to endure, especially for the teen's parents. This can be a tough time for all, but unless they grow an extra head, they are still your children rather than the aliens you suspect.

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Extra Special Child?
Having a child with a disability or special needs can be incredibly demanding. Equally it can be rewarding, with some very special moments. Whether you have a child with a mild learning difficulty or a major physical or mental disability you will encounter times when things get tough. This is especially true for Service families, with the uncertainty that Naval life presents.

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No Stress
Life is stressful, work, money, family and children. Here's how to reduce the stress. Give yourself an emotional health-check and make the changes today.

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Walk the Tight-rope

Walk the Tight-rope
The work - home balance is a demanding task for all. Being a parent and working is hard, stressful and for some guilt-laden. It doesn't have to be that way. Here's how to walk the tightrope.

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Supporting Children Through Separation
Children miss their parents when they are away - FACT. This doesn't mean their world has to fall apart, or that they will be damaged by the experience. What it does mean is that they need support and love.

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