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Home Security

POLICE EMERGENCY? Dial 999 on any phone and ask for POLICE. You will need to give your name and phone number.

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Contact your local Service Police to be included in the HOLIDAYWATCH patrol program (via the MOD Telephone Exchange - numbers listed below):

Phone Icon Phone: 02392 722351 - Portsmouth

Phone Icon Phone: 01436 674321 - Faslane

Phone Icon Phone: 01752 553740 - Plymouth

Avon Calling?...Expected and Unexpected Visitors...
If an official comes to the door you must check their ID. For most council and services officials this will be a credit card sized plastic card with a photo. Most will offer it to you right away. In fact be suspicious if they do not. Ask to see it anyway and LOOK at it. A quick glance is NOT enough. It is certainly not worth your becoming a victim.

If the visit is unexpected then use a DOOR CHAIN to hold the door while you check IDs. A lot of people also like to have PEEP HOLES fitted to front doors for an initial check (or to recognise a friend before opening up). At night switch on the outside light first. If you are concerned but have no chain or peephole - lean out of a window and talk to the visitor. It may be rude but it will keep you safe!

If you are expecting people offering goods and services arrange a time for them to deliver, or to come round to do their work, and don't leave them alone in your home unless you are absolutely sure of them. If you are not happy ask them to wait outside while you call their employer. Be wary of any unexpected visitors and don't accept presents from unknown people or parcels that have not been ordered.

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