25 June, 2009


Domestic Preparation

This section is designed purely to give families a quick checklist of some of the basics that might require attention during a deployment. They seem fairly obvious but if not sorted beforehand can create a lot of unnecessary stress.


Do you know how to turn off the water, gas and electricity? How the heating system works? Who is your service provider? If not, find out before a partner deploys, otherwise you can be sure something will happen just as the ship sails out of the English Channel.

Make sure you know where all the important documents are kept i.e. car documents, insurance documents, Next of Kin leaflet with service number and emergency contact details. You never know when you will want them, and it will probably be when time is short.


Renewal Dates
Make a list of when important items are due for renewal. Although not exhaustive you need to be aware when the following are due: car tax, MOT, car service, TV licence, insurances.

The Will
Make sure you know where it is located. This isn't morbid and won't bring death one second closer: what it will do is remove another worry from the back of your mind.

If your property is going to be empty for some time during the deployment, check that you are insured for your home and contents. Consider re-directing your mail, forms are available from your local Post Office. It might also be worthwhile giving a door key to a friendly neighbour.

info More Information: Community Safety - Home Security

insurance papers

Holiday Insurance
You will not be surprised to hear that a ship or unit's programme cannot be guaranteed to remain as published. The Service does not accept any responsibility for cancellation of holidays, or for any costs incurred owing to late programme changes. To avoid disappointment, make sure that the holiday is insured for Service risks (including programme changes), AND always check the small print.

* There are instances when personnel may be entitled to a Refund of Nugatory Holiday Expenditure (NHE). Entitlement should be checked against JSP 752 Chapter 10 Section 9.

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