25 June, 2009


What Do I Need To Do To Get Married?

happy coupleYou have met the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life, drafting and appointments depending, and you wish to marry. Statistics show that of the quarter of a million marriages that take place in England and Wales each year, over three quarters are the first time for both bride and groom. Therefore this is likely to be your first time, but however many times you have been up the aisle…congratulations. Whether you plan a white wedding with church and choir, or a more simple civic service there are certain things you need to consider.


Are there special rules for serving people?
Years ago those serving in the military were required to request permission to marry. Thankfully things have changed and unless you wish to marry onboard ship there's no longer a need to request your Commanding Officer's permission. However, for you to gain all the allowances the Service offer married personnel you will need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate to the Unit Personnel Office.

If you are planning to get married you need to inform your Divisional Officer to arrange leave as soon as you set a date… remember the sooner you tell your boss, the sooner he or she can plan to manage your absence, and tell you whether the date you plan fits with ship's routines. It's better to find out early, than face major disappointment nearer the day, when the financial implications may be more.

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Useful sources of information regarding the legal requirements for marriage?

General Register Office

The General Register Office provides a wide range of information relating to getting married, in both civil and religious ceremonies.

The website has detailed information on the residential and other legal requirements for getting married in England and Wales. It also includes information on what you need to do if you discover an error on your marriage certificate.

If you are looking for a copy of your marriage certificate, this can be ordered online or through the register office or religious building where the marriage took place.

website Web site: The General Register Office

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Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

CAB gives the following detailed information regarding marriage applicable to England, Wales and Northern Ireland:

  • Who can get married
  • Getting engaged
  • Where can a marriage take place
  • How to marry
  • Marrying outside England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Marrying in England or Wales if one partner lives elsewhere
  • Overseas recognition of United Kingdom marriages
  • Marriages by proxy
  • Polygamous marriages
  • Marriages which are not valid
  • Making a marriage legally valid
  • Bigamy
  • Remarriage/second marriage
  • Blessing ceremonies - Forced marriages

website Web site: Citizens Advice Bureau

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