25 June, 2009


Armed Forces Pension Scheme 75

Armed Forces Pension Scheme 75 (AFPS 75)
Officers who have completed 16 years reckonable service together with RN Ratings and Royal Marines who have completed a minimum of 22 years reckonable service are eligible to receive an immediate pension on leaving the RN/RM. On award of pension individuals may also receive a terminal grant. If a Service Person leaves the RN/RM before completing the required years for an immediate pension but has completed two or more years' service, he/she will be entitled to a preserved pension at age 60. If a Service Person's career is cut short by illness or injury through no fault of their own and they have completed more than two years service, he/she will receive an immediate pension and lump sum. If a Service Person is invalided out of the service and the Veterans' Agency (VA) accepts that their medical condition is caused or aggravated by circumstances linked to service in the Armed Forces they may qualify for a War Disablement Pension from the VA.

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Dependants’ Benefits (AFPS75)
When you die, different levels of financial support for entitled dependants are available depending on:  Length of service; whether death is in retirement or in Service, whether death is accepted as attributable or not and whether you are married and/or have children or not. A pension is paid to a surviving spouse or civil partner who are eligible under the rules of the scheme.  The pension is normally one half of your pension (ignoring commutation) if you die in retirement, or one half of the pension you would have received on non-attributable invaliding if you die in service.  Pensions may also be payable for eligible children, up to a total of one half of the member’s entitlement.

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Pension Rights on Divorce
If you are getting divorced you need to seek legal advice about any possible claim you may have in respect of your spouse's pension. As a result of recent changes in the law, the powers of Courts to take account of pensions in divorce settlements have been extended. Although some cases are still dealt with by offsetting (reallocating) the value of pension rights against other assets, in some cases the Courts have earmarked (set aside) part of the member's pension benefits to be paid to the former spouse when those benefits become due for payment. Where the member is already receiving a pension at the same time of the divorce, the Courts can make a similar order - known as an attachment order - in respect of that pension. The AFPS Pensions on Divorce booklet will give you further guidance but all interested parties are urged to seek competent legal advice.

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