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Family Wellbeing

Childcare & Parenting
It may be that you have taken maternity leave and want to get back to work, or you have spent several years being a full time houseparent and fancy a break or a chance to do some study, or work part time. Who can help take care of your children while you do so?

For those with children being a parent is one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. With this sense of reward come stress, hurt, anger, guilt, and a myriad of other emotions and experiences.

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Finding a good school for your child is a top priority. And making the most of your own skills and abilities comes a close second. The Services take education seriously, not only because it is a government priority, but also because it is in its own best interests to do so. These pages offer a guide to learning for all ages inside and outside the Navy.

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Medical & Dental
In the Navy you may be required to move home quite often. Living in different base port areas, going overseas, or maybe just moving closer to family when your husband, wife or partner goes away to sea involves a host of changes. Finding medical and dental cover as quickly as possible when moving house is very important.

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Relationships & Being Apart
Being married, or in a long term relationship with a Service person can be a challenge, with long term separations and family mobility taking its toll on service families.

This is not easy for you or your family. Being at home whilst your other half is away can be very upsetting and stressful. Equally, although you may find yourself in an interesting foreign place or on a nice sunny beach, the experience of being away from home and the ones you love can be tough.

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Life in a Service family can feel like a perpetual game of musical chairs, waiting for the time when the music stops and you have to grab a little piece of stability and peace for the family. One major part of this game is relocating from place to place. This may be across the street or across the world. Here are some tips to help smooth the ride.

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Safety in the Community
How can you ensure that your family is safe in the home and local community? This section offers some useful advice and information from security in the home to the safety of your children.

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Welfare Benefits
RNcom cannot hope to give you completely up to date and accurate advice regarding all Welfare Benefits. What we hope to do is examine a number of circumstances that you may experience and briefly link these with what you may expect to receive.

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