25 June, 2009

dwp logoDespite the stigma attached to Welfare Benefits by the media, the vast majority of citizens in the UK will be in receipt of some form of Welfare Benefit during their lifetime. This may be Child Benefit, Job Seekers Allowance, pension provision, or another type of benefit.

You and your partner are either in, or have been in employment, at some time. During that time you would have paid tax, and more importantly National Insurance. These contributions go into government coffers to pay for state welfare benefits. This means that you have contributed to other people's benefits, and it means you have a right to seek support should you need it.

RNCom cannot hope to give you completely up to date and accurate advice regarding all Welfare Benefits. What we hope to do is examine a number of circumstances that you may experience and briefly link these with what you may expect to receive.

Pregnancy & Benefits
Congratulations, you are expecting a baby and may be wondering what support you are entitled to regarding Welfare Benefits. Whether you are working or claiming benefits already, you will be entitled to at least some additional support. Here's a flavour of what's available...

info More Information: Pregnancy & Benefits

Child-Centred Benefits
As a parent you are entitled to certain benefits. Your eligibility is dependent on your circumstances, but here are some of the family and child orientated benefits you may need to consider.

info More Information: Child-Centred Benefits

woman at deskWork Related Benefits
Developing a career, or just keeping a job, can be a real challenge when you have to remain mobile due to your partner's Service responsibilities. For some this may mean having to take a career break. Alternatively it may just mean getting a job is near impossible. Depending on you circumstances you may be entitled to some form of benefit.

info More Information: Work-Related Benefits

Going Overseas
You and your partner are off overseas. This doesn't necessarily mean you cease being eligible for benefits. Look here...

info More Information: Benefits whilst Overseas

Sickness & Disability Benefits
Whether you are unable to work due to a short-term illness, or are affected by a permanent disability, there is likely to be a benefit to suit your circumstance and need.

info More Information: Sickness & Disability Benefits

familyFamily Breakdown
You and your partner have separated. You are now alone with the children, with little or no income and need the support of housing and welfare benefits. Here's what to expect...

info More Information: Benefit Support and Relationship Breakdown

Surviving Death
Sadly Service life can be a high-risk profession and this can result in fatalities. Losing your partner is bad enough without having to scrape to get by. Here's what you may be entitled to...

info More Information: Benefits and Bereavement

The MOD’s Third Party Accident Scheme (TOPAS)
ToPaS is a FREE MoD Legal and Personal Injury compensation scheme available to all MOD Civil Servants and Service Personnel who have been injured by a negligent third party whilst on duty.

The Family Accident Scheme (FAS)
FAS is a FREE Personal Injury compensation scheme available to all MoD personnel including friends, family and dependents who have been injured in an accident by someone else whilst Off Duty.

website Web site: www.topas.org.uk

website Web site: www.familyaccidents.com

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