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DE Ops Housing is responsible for the provision of accommodation for all married military personnel within the United Kingdom. However, it is a fact that approximately only 27% of naval personnel live in DEHD accommodation, the remainder either have their own property or rent from the community.

website Web site: The Defence Estates Operations Housing (DE Ops Housing)

The following pages are intended to help both single and married personnel irrespective of whether they live in the public or private sectors.

Housing for Families
Want to know what "Family Housing" is available? Then contact the DE Ops Housing who provide housing, known as Service Familiy Accommodation (SFA) to eligible and entitled Service personnel. More information can be found at the links below:

A Guide to Living in SFA
This publication replaced the old Occupant's Handbook and has been available on the DE Internet and DE Ops Housing Intranet since 01 August 07. The Guide is written in a booklet style format with booklets A-E containing information that is generic to MOD housing providers worldwide. Booklet F contains location specific information pertinent to that relevant housing provider - in this case GB.

website Web Site: A Guide to Living in SFA

MOD Form 1132 (Application Form to Occupy Service Family Accommodation)
This form has recently been revised in consultation with SP Pol and was published in the recent update to TSARS (JSP 464). It has been promulgated to DE Ops housing staff via a Housing Notice and a copy is attached.

website Web Site: MoD Form 1132 - SFA Application Form

Complaints Procedure
This process has recently been reissued to DE Ops Housing staff, most notably because of the introduction of a third stage to the process - the implementation of a review of complaints by the 'Independent Housing Review Panel

website Web Site: Complaints Procedure

Maintenance of SFA in England and Wales
The Housing Prime Contract was awarded to MODern Housing Solutions (MHS), a joint venture between Carillion, Atkins and Enterprise. The contract represents a significant milestone in Defence Estate's efforts to modernise service delivery for the repair and maintenance of Service Families Accommodation (SFA).

info More Information: Housing Prime Contract in England and Wales

Housing Information Centres
There are 7 seven Housing Information Centres (HICs). The HICs are the single point of contact - a one-stop shop - for all housing services other than repairs and maintenance.

info More Information: Housing Information Centres

Want General Housing Advice?
Confused about all the various choices? The Joint Service Housing Advice Office (JSHAO) may be able to help. It provides all Service personnel and their families with information and advice on the increasingly complex range of housing options open to you whilst serving and when about to return to civilian life.

JSHAO also provides help and information to ex-service personnel who are still in Service Families Accommodation. Further information can be found at the following websites:

websiteWeb Site: Joint Service Housing Advice Office

website Web Site: Forces Housing

website Web site: Housing Nomination Scheme

website Web site: Shared Equity Schemes in the South West

website Web site: Housing Options for the Single Service leavers

website Web site: Communities and Local Government - Key Worker Scheme

Affordable Housing Schemes Available to Service Personnel
Eligible Armed Forces personnel are now able to apply for an extended range of affordable housing schemes across England under the Government's Key Worker status.  Those included in the scheme are all Regular Service personnel, the MPGS and some MOD civilians (MOD Police, Fire Service and some clinical staff).

info More Information: Homebuy Schemes

Short Term Families Accommodation
Maybe you just want to spend time with the family or need a place to stay while you attend a passing out parade, but can't afford B&B for all the family? Why not try the Short Term Housing Scheme. Fully furnished flats are available for short term let for as little as £27 per day per flat. If you are interested, then follow the link below to find out more.

info More Information: Short Term Families Accommodation

Worried about being homeless?
Despite falling numbers of homeless people on the streets of the UK, it is widely accepted that ex-Service personnel feature among those who are unfortunate enough to find themselves in this situation. The list below is intended to help homeless veterans or those who are helping to care for them:

website Web site: SSAFA Forces Help

website Web site: British Legion

website Web site: Veterans' Agency

website Web site: Single Persons' Accommodation Centre for the Ex Services

website Web site: Scottish Veterans' Residences

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