25 June, 2009


Royal Navy Club

List of the Members

The list was corrected on 19th December 2008. Members are asked to advise the Secretary of the Club of any error with their entry.

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1999 MacDonald I J Commander
1996 MacDonald J D O Commander
2008 MacDonald - Robinson N U S Commander
1965 MacGillivray I S Captain
1991 MacGregor C L Captain
2002 Mackay G A Captain
1986 Mackay S V Commander
1965 Mackenzie D J Rear Admiral CB
2005 MacKenzie I D Captain
1997 MacPherson M D Commodore OBE
1989 Malbon Sir Fabian Vice Admiral KBE
1979 Malec J G Commander OBE
1996 Mansergh M P Commodore
1998 Mansergh R J Captain
1960 Martineau P R Commander
1970 Marx A J L Commander
1993 Mason M M D Commander
1996 Massey A M Vice Admiral CBE ADC
1981 Masterman T M Captain
2005 Masters J C Commander
2000 Mathias P B Commodore MBE
1999 Matthews D N Commander MBE
1969 Matthews N Commander DSC
1989 Matthews P Commander
2006 May N P Commander
2001 McAlpine P A Commander
1980 McAnally J H S Vice Admiral CB LVO
1997 McBarnet T F Commander
1998 McCartain M B W Commander OBE
1987 McClement Sir Timothy Vice Admiral KCB OBE
1991 McCready G A R Captain MBE
1987 McEwen A G Captain
2003 McGhie I A Captain
1978 McKnight W C Captain LVO
1997 McLean R A I Vice Admiral CB OBE
1970 McLeod W H H Captain OBE
2000 McMichael-Phillips S J Captain
1972 McMullen G P Commander
2001 McNeile R H Commander
2002 McQuaker S R Captain
1969 McQueen R Captain CBE
1965 Melly W H Commander
1989 Melson P J Commodore CBE
2003 Merewether H A H Commander
1989 Merrett G J Commander
1993 Mervik C F Captain OBE
1956 Meyrick T C Captain OBE DSC
2001 Milburn P K Commander
1987 Milnes J L Commodore
2001 Mitchell H G M Commander
1985 Mitford T B Commander
1992 Moncrieff I Rear Admiral
1988 Money R I Commander
1997 Montgomery C P R Rear Admiral CBE
1981 Moore R C Captain
1999 Moore S Rear Admiral CB
1987 Moore Sir Michael Vice Admiral KBE LVO
1997 Moores J K Captain
1991 Morgan J H Commodore
2001 Morgan P T Captain DSC
1976 Morgan Sir Christopher Vice Admiral KBE
1953 Morgan-Giles Sir Morgan Rear Admiral DSO OBE GM
1993 Morisetti N Rear Admiral
2003 Morley J D Commander
1991 Morris D S Captain
1985 Morrison C J N Captain
1991 Morrow A J C Commodore CVO
1997 Morse J A Commodore
1985 Morton T Commodore
2005 Moss R A Commander
1981 Mosse P J Commander
1989 Mowlam D J M Commodore
2002 Munns C R Commodore
2005 Murgatroyd A C Commander MBE
1980 Murison P G J Captain
1998 Murnane P M Commander MBE
1996 Murphie J D D Captain

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