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Welcome / Introduction

Invitation to register for the Royal Navy Community or the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Members' Areas

We invite you to become a member of RNcom or RFAcom and encourage you to share this website with your network of family and friends. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions of use and understand the rules on security and conduct.

Terms & Conditions

To register for a new account please read the following information and then click the button towards the bottom of this page.

Royal Navy and Royal Marines
The Royal Navy is committed to supporting everyone in their community wherever they are in the world. These facilities have been designed to promote communication and support for serving members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, their Reserve Forces, and their families and friends*. The aim is to promote a culture where the RN community can meet electronically, share ideas and support each other. This is a free service and we encourage you to explore what is on offer and let us know what you think and how we can improve it.

Watch the following film to find out what our users think of the site:

Sound  RNcom & WAGAMADS film only 

In the members area you will have access to generic discussion forums, dedicated ship/unit forums, a chat room and your very own web-based email account, that you can use from any computer, where permitted. The Username you choose will form the first part of your email address, e.g. username@rncom.mod.uk.  The unit forums are open for all to use, as the aim is to develop a total online community for all to support each other, no matter what unit they or their loved one is serving in. Feel free to explore all of these areas and make full use of what is on offer.

Royal Fleet Auxiliary
The Royal Fleet Auxiliary is also committed to supporting everyone in their community wherever they are in the world. A seperate area exists exclusively for RFA personnel and their families*.  All applications must be completed in full by active personnel and family members.

*   The RNcom and RFAcom members' areas are only open to personnel serving in UK Armed Forces and RFA, reservists and their families. To apply for membership you must have a valid service number or permission to use your family member’s number. This information you enter will be checked against current service records for verification. An invitation to activate your account will only be issued if the details you enter match those held on record. Ex-serving personnel and veterans are not able to register for an account. 

British Army and Royal Air Force
Army and RAF personnel serving in RN/RM units, or in Army/RAF units deployed alongside RN/RM forces, and their families, may also apply for an account and use the RNcom communication and support facilities. Instructions will be supplied by the appropriate parent unit regarding the correct format for entering the service number which differ from those issued in the naval service. If you would like more information or encounter any problems applying for an account please contact the webmaster with your details.

WARNING: It is strongly advised that parents and children read the information contained in  ChatSafe prior to using this facility.

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Please note. Applications recieved out of normal working hours will be processed during the next business day. You must wait for your confirmation email before you can activate your account and log-in to RNcom. All problems and queries should be addressed to the Webmaster at the link below.

System Requirements: Requires a 128bit browser. Older browsers such as IE5 or older may not function for the registration process.


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