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Support Services

Many charities have been set up over the years to help Naval families, regular or reserve, in times of distress or need. Some are just for Navy people while others are for all three services. Officers and ratings, serving or retired, and their dependants can all be considered for help from one or more charities. Help is available to meet many kinds of need including: rent and mortgage payment, child care, disability aids, training for second careers, removal expenses, household goods and house repairs, food, clothing, gas and electricity, medical expenses, financial problems.

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The Navy recognises the importance of maintaining contact with your loved ones when they are deployed. The information that follows is aimed to help you maintain contact at a level that matches the circumstances in which you may find yourself. Operations may sometimes prevent or delay (up to several days) all forms of communication including telephones and E-Mail. This would include the use of personal mobile phones. Such restrictions may happen without warning. For units such as submarines, personal communication generally has to be limited to when the boat is alongside.

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man looking at debtFinancial & Legal
The law is a complex and confusing subject and many of us shy away from anything overly complicated to do with the it. Yet, in the UK and overseas, whatever your status, you are subject to all the provisions of the law. The law affects our lives in many ways, be it family law in a divorce, criminal law if you get caught speeding, or property law when you move house. Use of lawyers and barristers can be very expensive, and people often feel that they don't know where to go, or who to speak to. Therefore it may be useful to consider some specific questions as well.

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Housing & Accommodation
The Defence Estates Housing Directorate (DEHD) is responsible for the provision of accommodation for all married military personnel within the United Kingdom. However, it is a fact that approximately only 27% of naval personnel live in DEHD accommodation, the remainder either have their own property or rent from the community.

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Skills for Life
From the basics of budgeting, parenting and communicating, to getting back to work and managing stress, we need a wealth of different skills to get through life. You may be feeling low or flying high, but whatever your feelings, there is always something new to learn and something new to try. Sometimes changing the way you do something will make life very different, and a whole lot easier.

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Special Needs & Disabilities
Having a child with a disability or special educational needs can be incredibly demanding. Equally it can be rewarding, with some very special moments. Whether you have a child with a mild learning difficulty or a major physical or mental disability you will encounter times when things get tough. This is especially true for Service families, with the uncertainty that Naval life presents.

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two people sitting on couch talking Support Groups
Sometimes life can be quite challenging and it helps to have other people to talk to who have the same experiences, problems or things with which they need help with. This can be made more difficult when you or your partner is in the Royal Navy and you may have to move away from family, friends or other people who regularly help and support you. It could be that moving to a new area has left you feeling isolated and without anybody to talk to. The following pages should help you to find the support and assistance you need at those times when you feel vulnerable.

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SCC 4 AFService Complaints Commissioner for the Armed Forces
The Commissioner's role is to provide a rigorous and independent oversight of how the complaints system is working and to report back to Ministers and to Parliament.  The Commissioner also provides an alternative point of contact for Service personnel, or someone acting on their behalf, such as a member of their family, a friend or MP to raise concerns.

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