25 June, 2009


Legal Aspects of Debt

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What do I do if I get into debt?
Most of us owe money to people or organisations most of the time: bills are a fact of life. But, occasionally, we may find ourselves swamped by debts, and cannot see a way of paying them all. But it is never a good idea to ignore bills. Instead you need to get help to deal with them.

The first step to solving your financial difficulties is recognising and admitting there is a problem. After this there are numerous organisations that are available to help you take control of your money. To contact people that can provide you with help...

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The Community Legal Service
If you are behind with payments to someone you owe money to (legally called a 'creditor'), they have legal powers to get their money. Exactly what they can do depends on the type of debt, and some situations are more serious than others. In the worst case, you could lose your home or even go to prison. So if you have several debts, you need to work out which ones you must deal with first and try to make arrangements to repay them.

The Community Legal Service outlines common types of debt and what the law says that you, and the creditor, must each do when the creditor wants to get the money you owe, in a series of leaflets that can be accessed on line.

  • Rent or mortgage payment problems
  • Council Tax bill problems
  • Hire Purchase (HP) problems
  • Gas, electricity and phone bills
  • Water bills
  • Loan and credit problems
  • Dealing with many debts
  • man in suit holding briefcase, debt in dictionaryDealing with bailiffs
  • Other legal protection if you are in debt
  • When you can be in prison with debt

These leaflets give you an outline of your legal rights, but are not a complete guide to the law. If you have a problem, you will need to seek further information or personal advice to help solve it.

website Web site: The Community Legal Advice

Citizens Advice Bureaux - Advice Guide
This is vast resource providing highly detailed impartial and invaluable advice on debt. This information, checked regularly and updated, applies to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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