25 June, 2009


Education Allowances

a.   Continuity of Education Allowances (CEA):   The aim of Continuity of Education Allowances (CEA) is to assist Service personnel to achieve continuity of education for their child(ren) that would otherwise be denied in the maintained day school sector if their child(ren) accompanied them on frequent assignments both at home and overseas.  In claiming CEA, a Service person must fully accept that accompanied service is the overriding principle for maintaining entitlement.

CEA are not general educational subsidies.  It is a fundamental condition of entitlement to CEA that a child continues to attend the school and completes a stage of education for which CEA is in issue.  Service personnel should carefully consider all the domestic and financial implications of claiming CEA before they commit to the undertaking. 

b.   Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) Grant:   The aim of the Individual Resettlement Training Costs (IRTC) Grant is to assist Service Leavers (SL) with the cost of resettlement training through either the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) or External Training Providers (ETP) or a combination of both.  Detailed rules and procedures are contained within JSP 534 (The Tri-Service Resettlement Manual).      

c.   Learning Credit Schemes: The aim of the Standard Learning Credit (SLC) scheme is to provide an educational initiative to encourage full-time members of the Services to pursue personal development.  Full detailed rules and procedures are contained within a Defence Information Notice (DIN) published annually by Director General Training and Education (DGT&E).

d.   Language Awards:   The aim of Language Awards is to offer a financial reward to encourage Service personnel to obtain language qualifications that are directly related to the needs of the Service.  The detailed rules and procedures, regarding the eligibility and entitlement to Language Awards are laid down in BR 1797 Chapter 16.  Service personnel who having registered with their unit Educational/Training and Development Staff, complete a recognised language course and obtain a qualifying language qualification, will be eligible for a Language Award.

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