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thatched houseHousing

Housing for Naval families is referred to as Service Families Accommodation (SFA) and is managed by the Defence Housing Executive (DHE). SFAs are allocated according to the size of your family. Royal Navy housing is grouped together in estates, but allocation is dependant on availability and therefore there may not always be other members of your ship on the same estate. There will be a monthly accommodation charge, which will depend on the type and grade of the house, its condition and access to local facilities, such as shops. This charge is automatically deducted from the sailor's pay. The average monthly charge for a married Able Rating with 2 children is about £215, which includes the local Council Tax payment. There is a further monthly charge of approximately £17 if you also have a garage. The charge for a Family Quarter of the same type and grade will be the same irrespective of where in the United Kingdom or the world it is located.

It is important that you realise that during basic recruit training and specialist trade training (unless in this period you are on a course of more than 6 months' duration) you and your spouse are not entitled to a Family Quarter property. Therefore, because you will be responsible during this time for making your own arrangements to house your family, you are advised not to bring your family to the United Kingdom until you have completed your training. On finishing training you may apply for a house on joining your ship or establishment. Be aware that all SFAs are only furnished with carpets, curtains and a cooker. If you require household items such as: - beds, bedding, cooking utensils you will need to complete the furniture section of your application. Washing machines and fridges/freezers are not supplied by either the Navy or DHE. Such items are your own responsibility to purchase and move into your allocated house. If you encounter any difficulties with your housing matters, including repairs and maintenance, you should take them up initially with your local Defence Housing Executive representative (see contact numbers at the back of this booklet). Remember you are only entitled to house your immediate family (serving sailor, spouse and children) in Service housing.

Council Tax
All occupants of Service Housing have to pay a UK local government tax called Council Tax (it is called contribution in lieu of Council Tax (CILOCT)). Council Tax pays for the local government community services. This charge is about £75 per month and is the same wherever you live. It is deducted from the sailor's pay along with any other accommodation charges.

dining roomMovement of Household Possessions to UK
If you have household possessions that you wish to bring with you to the UK, you must be able to pay for this yourself. The Royal Navy will not pay or give loans. Once you have set up home for the first time in a Family Quarter, the Royal Navy will provide a removals service and/or storage, whichever is necessary, if you need to move house when you are drafted again. You should be aware that the Royal Navy will not pay to return you or your belongings to your country of origin, or where you decide to move to, on leaving the Royal Navy. When deciding what items to bring with you to the UK remember that the electricity supply is 240v AC.

fireplaceHeating Bills
Depending where you are living you will cook on gas or electricity and your house will be heated by gas, electricity or oil. Remember the UK is probably colder than you are used to and may mean you spend more on heating than expected. In the UK you must pay the charges yourself direct to the relevant gas and electricity suppliers, and purchase oil from local distributors. Some of these supplies offer cheap rates and budget bill payment schemes - so remember to ask the local HIVE Information Officer for advice.

Some individuals and families have commented that the water supply in the UK is significantly harder than they have been used to in their home countries. In a few extreme cases, this has resulted in mild skin conditions, which were readily resolved with a short treatment of a cream-based product. Bottled spring water is readily available as an alternative for drinking.

Furnishing Your Home
Furniture such as beds, tables and chairs will be provided if you have requested it on your initial housing application. You will however, need to provide your own household items such as kitchen equipment, sheets etc. Cookers are fitted in all houses - either gas or electricity. To assist you with the task of initially equipping a house you can ask for a pack of essential bedding, cutlery, cooker pots and pans called a 'Get You in Pack'. This pack will tide you over until your heavy baggage arrives (if you have any) or you have acquired your own items. For further information regarding a 'Get You in Pack' you should contact your local DHE office. You should note that there is no issue of any large electrical items such as a fridge, freezer, washing machine etc. The pack will only be issued on loan, and is to be returned complete within 6 weeks of issue. You must be able to provide your own household equipment beyond this date.

You will have to rent or buy your own television and, if you are in UK, you will require a licence to be able to watch it. A TV licence costs around £109 per year, and there are a number of ways to pay. It is against the law to watch your television without a valid licence. If caught you could be fined (up to £1000) or sent to prison. Television licence application forms are available from any post office. In some areas you may also have the opportunity to watch satellite or cable television, this however is an extra cost Your local HIVE should be able to advice you on the local availability.

You are responsible for your own telephone charges and the cost of any calls. If you move into an empty house you will need to contact one of the local telephone companies and agree connection and payment details. A number of companies offer reduced call rates for international calls, ideal for calling relatives. Further information regarding standard telephone providers and optional international packages can be sought from your NPFS office.

Contents Insurance
You are advised to take out contents insurance to provide cover for your personal possessions and household items. If you live in a Service Quarter this should include damage to Service Stores and fittings. Cover for a typical family home should cost no more than about £15-00 per month. Individual policies are also available. Further information can be obtained from your local HIVE.

Level Of House Furnishings
NOTE: The actual quantity of furniture will depend on the type and size of house to which you are entitled. The items and figures shown below are for GUIDANCE only.

Item Qty Qty Req. Item Qty Qty Req.
Bedstead Double & Mattress 1   Stool Bathroom 1  
Bedstead Single& Mattress 2 / 3   Stool Step Kitchen 1  
Bookcase 1   Table Bedside 4 / 3  
Buffet (sideboard) 1   Table Dining 1  
Bureau (Officers) 1   Table Occasional 1  
Chair Dining (other ranks) 10   Table Hall (Officers only) 1  
Chair Dining (Officers) 4 / 6   Table Next of 3 (Officers only)    
Chair Elbow Block (Officers only) 3   Table Desk Study (Officers only) 1  
Chair Elbow Green (Officers & WO1 only) 1   Table Kitchen 1  
Chair Easy W/Covers 2   Board Ironing 1  
Settee W/Cover 1   Cleaner Vacuum 1  
Dressing Table 5 Drawer 2   Cot Child and Mattress 1  
Dressing Table Longtop 1 / 2   Chair High Child 1  
Dressing Table (Officers) 1   Playpen 1  
Chest of Drawers (Officers only) 1   Stair Gate Safety Infant 1  
Stool Dressing 1 / 2        


The 'Get You In' Pack

Item Quantity Item Quantity
Single blankets 6 Tea spoons 6
Single sheets 6 Tea cups 6
Double blankets 2 Tea saucers 6
Double sheets 2 Soup plates 6
Pillows 5 Tea plates 6
Pillow slips 5 Dinner plates 6
Frying pan 1 Small tumblers (½ pint) 6
Large saucepan (4 pints) 2 Tea pot 1
Table knives 6 Electric iron 1
Table forks 6 Electric kettle 1
Dessert knives 6 Cot blankets 2
Dessert forks 6 Cot sheets 2



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