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The Assistant Deputy Coroner has decided that the transcripts of all proceedings in open court will be published on this website.

We will aim to publish transcripts of evidence given to the Inquests twice daily, however, it should be noted that this evidence will remain ‘uncorrected’ at the time of publication, and may be updated subsequently.

The transcripts for each session are set out below, and each transcript contains links to documentary evidence seen by the jury in the course of the proceedings.

Material reproduced from this website should be credited to: www.scottbaker-inquests.gov.uk. Further guidance on the reproduction of content.

9 April 2008
Sections of transcripts, which were not originally published because the jury were not present, have now been added

Date Session Witnesses
7 April 2008 Afternoon
2 April 2008 Morning Summing up by the Coroner
Afternoon Jury deliberation
1 April 2008 Morning Summing up by the Coroner
Afternoon Summing up by the Coroner
31 March 2008 Morning Statements of Martin Smith (read), Summing up by the Coroner
Afternoon Summing up by the Coroner
20 March 2008 Morning Housekeeping – jury not present
Afternoon Housekeeping – jury not present
18 March 2008 Morning Mme Dumestre Toulet, Mr Frederic Lucard (videolink from Paris)
Afternoon Mohamed Al Fayed (recalled), Thomas Foley (recalled), Statement of Steven Griffiths (read), Statement of Dorothy Umphofr (read), DS Mark Easton (recalled), Statement of Martin Smith (read), Mr Laurent Guardelli (read)
17 March 2008 Morning Claud Roulet (recalled), Jean-Francois Musa, Thomas Foley (recalled), Michael Faux, Statement of Martin Smith (read)

Vincent Delbreilh, Statements of Dr Dominique Melo (read), Alain Daniel Marcel Remy (read), Martin Smith (read), Thomas Foley (recalled) 

13 March 2008 Morning

Inspector Paul Carpenter (recalled), Evidence relating to: Mr Fabrice Chassery, Mr Jean-Claude Paul Morere, Ms Sandra Cudelo, Mrs Della Davies, Ms Myriam Lemaire. Thomas Foley (recalled), Evidence relating to: Ms Nicola Gabriel nee Chopp, Mr Stephen Robert Peet, Dr David Whiteford. Martin Lloyd Smith (recalled), Evidence relating to: Ms Barbara Broccoli, Mr Mark Hodges


Mme Josiane le Tellier, Mr Mark Hodges

12 March 2008 Morning Inspector Paul Carpenter (recalled), Evidence relating to Christian Martinez, Alain Guizard, Serge Arnal, Jaques Langevin, Clifford Gooroovadoo and Mohammed Medjahdi

Inspector Paul Carpenter (recalled), Evidence relating to Christophe Lascaux, Mark Stokes (recalled), Thomas Foley (recalled), Statement of Assistant Chief Constable Nicholas Gargan (read), Letter to the Inquests from Lord Fellowes (read), Letter to the Inquests from Martin Bashir (read), Statement of Jean-Pierre Allidiere (read)

11 March 2008 Morning

Inspector Paul Carpenter (recalled), Evidence relating to Romuald Rat, Nikola Arsov, David Odekerken

Afternoon Inspector Paul Carpenter (recalled), Evidence relating to Pierre Suu, Dominique Dieppois, Pierre Hounsfield, Laslo Veres and Stephane Cardinale, Statement of Dr Peter John Wheeler read) and Keith Brown (read)
10 March 2008 Morning Eric Gigou (videolink from Paris), statement of Serge Benhamou (read)
Afternoon Eric Gigou (videolink from Paris), Statements of Christian Martinez (read), Statements of Alain Guizard (read)
7 March 2008 Morning Goksin Sipahioglu, Natacha Foucquet, Franz Klein, Michael Cole
Afternoon Bernard Lefort, Statement of Martin Smith (read), Statement of Didier Gamblin (read), Statements of Thomas Foley (read)
6 March 2008 Morning Statement of Paul Burrell (read), Laurent Sola
Afternoon Roy James Green, Professor Jamieson, Mark Stokes
4 March 2008 Morning Darryn Lyons, PC Joseph Kennils, Mr David Meynell, Inspector Paul Carpenter (read)
Afternoon Inspector Paul Carpenter (recalled)
3 March 2008 Morning Lionel Cherruault, DCS Richard Freeman, William James John Kemp, DCI Jane Scotchbrook, Statements of Hasnat Ahmad Khan (read), Statement of Thomas Foley (read) and Excerpts of experts' reports re: 2 White Fiat Unos (read)
29 February 2008 Morning 'E', 'I', '4', '6', Statements of '1' and '5' (read)
28 February 2008 Morning Statement of 'F' read, Sir John Adye
Afternoon 'H', Gerald Posner
26 February 2008 Morning


Afternoon ‘A’
21 February 2008 Morning Mr Hubert Henrotte, Mrs Elisabeth Andanson
Afternoon Mrs Elisabeth Andanson, Mr James Andanson
20 February 2008 Morning Sir Richard Dearlove
Afternoon Sir Richard Dearlove
19 February 2008 Afternoon DC Philip Easton (read), Dr Diane Beaulieu D'ivernois (read), DC Philip Easton, Miss Melissa Henning (video link)
18 February 2008 Morning Mohamed Al Fayed
Afternoon Mohamed Al Fayed
14 February 2008 Morning Lord John Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, John Macnamara
Afternoon John Macnamara
13 February 2008 Morning Richard Tomlinson (by videolink)
Afternoon Richard Tomlinson (by videolink)
12 February 2008 Morning Lord Robert Fellowes
Afternoon Lord Robert Fellowes, Brigadier Charles David McIver Ritchie
11 February 2008 Morning Stuart Benson, Karen MacKenzie, Lord Jay
Afternoon Lord Jay, Statement of Susan le Jeune D'allegeershecque (read)
7 February 2008 Morning M. Langlois, Christophe Lafaille (by videolink from Paris)
Afternoon Jean Michel Lauzun (by videolink from Paris), DC Philip Easton
6 February 2008 Morning Madame Francoise Dard, Josephine Dard
Afternoon Professor Eric Baccino, Thomas Foley
5 February 2008 Morning Jean-Claude Mules
Afternoon Paul Laffan, Martin Quaife
4 February 2008 Morning M. and Mme Paul, Capitaine Marc Monot
Afternoon Capitaine Marc Monot, Commissaire Eric Gigou
31 January 2008 Morning Professor John Oliver, Professor Atholl Johnston, Mrs Rebecca Murrell and David Seaborn Davies
Afternoon Claude Garrec, Mlle Laurence Pujol and David Seaborn Davies
30 January 2008 Morning Professor Peter Vanezis
Afternoon Professor John Oliver
29 January 2008 Morning Kieran Wingfield
Afternoon Kieran Wingfield
28 January 2008 Morning DI Roger Milburn, DI Jane Scotchbrook
Afternoon Lady Sarah McCorquodale
24 January 2008 Morning Trevor Rees, Commander Patrick Jephson
Afternoon Dr Jean Marc Martino (video from Munich), Commander Patrick Jephson
23 January 2008 Morning Reuben Gareth Murrell (by video link), Trevor Rees
Afternoon Trevor Rees
22 January 2008 Morning Professor Robert Forrest (continued)
Afternoon Doctor Richard Shepherd, Statements of Father Anthony Leonard Parsons and Dr Maurice Stanley Lipsedge (read)
21 January 2008 Morning Professor Forrest
Afternoon Professor Forrest
17 January 2008 Morning Lord Condon
Afternoon Lord Condon, Reuben Gareth Murrell (by video link), Roberto Augusto Devorik, Rita Rogers
16 January 2008 Morning Paul Burrell
Afternoon Paul Burrell, Lord Condon
15 January 2008 Morning Maggie Rae, Sandra Davis, Sir David Veness
Afternoon Sir David Veness, Paul Burrell
14 January 2008 Morning Paul Burrell
Afternoon Paul Burrell
10 January 2008 Morning John Johnson, Simone Simmons
Afternoon Michael Cole
9 January 2008 Morning Kenneth Ansley Wharfe
Afternoon Lee Sansum, Statement of Solicitor to the Inquests (read)
7 January 2008 Morning Rodney Turner, Steve Davies
Afternoon Grahame Harding, Colin Haywood-Trimming
20 December 2007 Morning Richard Kay, Paul Carpenter, Lily Hua Yu (read)
Afternoon Alain Willaumez
19 December 2007 Morning Deborah Gribble
18 December 2007 Morning DS P Stoneham, Myriah Daniels
Afternoon Lucia Flecha De Lima, Myriah Daniels, Susan Kassem
17 December 2007 Morning Lady Annabel Goldsmith, Jeffrey Rees
Afternoon Statements of George Younes, Stephen Jordan Donnelly and Professor Pierre Coriat (all read), Article by Alan Clark (read)
14 December 2007 Morning The Hon. Rosa Monckton, Kelly Ann Fisher
Afternoon Kelly Ann Fisher
13 December 2007 Morning Nicholas Gargan, Brigadier Hunt-Davis
Afternoon Statement of Sarah, Duchess of York (read), The Hon. Rosa Monckton
12 December 2007 Afternoon Raine, Countess Spencer,
The Hon. Nicholas Soames MP
11 December 2007 Morning Dr Arnaud Derossi, Sebastien Trote
Afternoon Emanuele Gobbo, Philippe Doucin
10 December 2007 Morning Alberto Repossi
Afternoon Alberto Repossi
6 December 2007 Morning Claude Roulet
5 December 2007 Morning Franco Mora, Claude Roulet
Afternoon Claude Roulet, Rene Delorm

4 December

Morning Thierry Rocher
Afternoon Jean-Francoise Musa
3 December 2007 Morning Philippe Dourneau, Francois Tendil
Afternoon Jack Firestone, Robin Firestone, Paul Carpenter (recalled)
29 November 2007 Morning Dr Marc Lejay, Franz Klein
Afternoon Franz Klein
28 November 2007 Afternoon Mark Butt
Report and statements of Sebastien Dorzee (read)
27 November 2007 Morning Kenneth Alexander Smith Lennox, Paul Carpenter (recalled), Detective Sergeant Gary Head
26 November 2007 Morning Dr Robert Chapman
Afternoon Colin Tebbutt
22 November 2007 Morning Keith Moss, Clive Leverton

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Mather
Statement of Huguette Amarger (read)
Report prepared by Janusz Knepil (read)

21 November 2007 Morning

Michael Gibbins
Statements of Mr Patrick Riou, Mr Philippe Massoni and Mr Bernard Pages (all read)

Afternoon Dr Eva Steiner
20 November 2007 Morning Maud Morel Coujard
Afternoon Jean Monceau
19 November 2007 Morning Professor Andre Lienhart
Afternoon Professor Thomas Treasure
15 November 2007 Morning Professor Bruno Riou

Professor Bruno Riou, Professor Alain Pavie

14 November 2007 Morning Mr Philippe Boyer, Mr Michel Massebeuf (read), Mr Daniel Eyraud (read)
13 November 2007 Morning Dr Frederic Mailliez
Afternoon Mr Xavier Gourmelon
12 November 2007 Morning Dr John Albert Searle

Dr John Albert Searle,
Statements of Abdelatif Redjil, Belkacem Bouzid, Police Constable Lino Gagliardone, Police Lieutenant Bruno, Bouaziz, Eric Gigou (all read)

8 November 2007 Morning Anthony Read
Afternoon Peter Jennings
7 November 2007 Morning Anthony Read
Afternoon Anthony Read
6 November 2007 Morning Thierry Brunet, Hubert Porceaux
Afternoon Thierry Clotteaux, Souad Mouffakir, Anthony Read
1 November 2007 Afternoon Justin Snow, Jean-Louis Bonin (read), Fulcrum Productions Transcript (read)
31 October 2007 Morning Legal argument (jury not present)
Afternoon Legal argument (jury not present)
30 October 2007 Morning Stephane Darmon
Afternoon Stephane Darmon (continued)
29 October 2007 Morning Georges Dauzonne, Sabine Dauzonne

Stephane Darmon

25 October 2007 Morning

Jacques Morel (continued), Sebastien Pennequin, Statements of Audrey Reine Frederique Lemaigre and Sebastien Masseron (read)


Mr Sebastien Pennequin (continued), Mr Damien Dalby, Mr Daniel Firman, Mr Clarence Elliott Williams

24 October 2007 Morning Mr Olivier Partouche, Mr Benoit Boura, Ms Gaelle L'hostis

Jacques Morel

23 October 2007 Morning Miss Marine Boghen

Mr Yannick Chenna, Mr Brian Andersen

22 October 2007 Morning

Mrs Sara Culpepper, Statements of Mr Grigori Rassinier (read)


Miss Amel Samer, Mrs Joanna Rachelle Da Costa

18 October 2007 Afternoon Inspector Paul Carpenter
17 October 2007 Morning Statements of Mr Eric Li - Falandry, Mr Thierry Orban and Mr Gary Hunter (all read), Inspector Paul Carpenter (recalled), Mr Read (recalled)
Afternoon Mrs Severine Peyret, Mr Jean Pascal Peyret, Mr Brian Carey Andersen
16 October 2007 Morning Lionel Ronssin, James Huth
Afternoon Gary Dean
15 October 2007 Morning David Le Ny, Marie-Agnes Le Ny, Jean-Claude Catheline, Annick Catheline

Francois Levistre, Roselyn Levistre

11 October 2007 Morning

Thierry Hackett,
Statements of Eric Crosnier, David Laurent, Nathalie Blanchard, Lilian Blanchard, Gregory Blanchard, Michelle Blanchard, Chloe Papazahariakis, Vlad Borovac and David Laurent (all read),
Inspector Paul Carpenter (recalled)


Statements of David Laurent, Andrei Chtorkh, Noe Da Silva, Samuel Frederic Goldschmidt (all read)

10 October 2007 Afternoon

Mr Antonio Francisco Lopes Borges, Miss Ana Simao

9 October 2007 Morning Jurors visit Ritz Hotel and travel various routes
8 October 2007 Afternoon

Jurors visit the Place Vendome, Place de la Concorde, Place de L'Alma

Jurors travel the route from Ritz to Place de L'Alma and then the route to Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital

4 October 2007 Morning

Key Events - CCTV camera footage
Australian Tourists video


Introduction to 3D modelling software - Anthony Stephen Martin (Metropolitan Police Service Computer Aided Modelling Bureau)

3 October 2007 Morning Conclusion to the Coroner's opening

Runs through the route completed in February 1998 - Video footage
Key Events - CCTV camera footage.
Mr Mark Hodges (read), PC Anthony Read, Inspector Paul Carpenter

2 October 2007 Morning Jury Sworn In
Coroner’s Opening
Afternoon Continuation of the Coroner’s Opening
27 September 2007 Jury selection:

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