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Adobe Acrobat

PDF files - created using Adobe Acrobat - retain the formatting of the printed version of a document in an easy to download, single file. To view PDF files you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, the latest version can be freely downloaded. We also encourage existing Adobe Acrobat Reader users to download the most current version available for enhanced accessibility features.

Download the latest Acrobat Reader

Viewers with visual difficulties may also find it useful to investigate services provided to improve the accessibility of Acrobat documents.

Adobe Acrobat and accessibility


For Windows users who don't have Microsoft Word, the Word 97/2000 Viewer (Windows 95/98/NT) allows them to view MS Word files.

Download Word Viewer 2003


For Windows users who don't have Microsoft Excel, the Excel 97/2000 Viewer allows them to view Excel files.

Download Excel Viewer 2003


For users who don't have Microsoft PowerPoint, the Power Point Viewer 97 allows them to view PowerPoint files.

Download PowerPoint Viewer 2003


A zip file is a compressed (or "zipped") store of either a single document or a collection of files, making it easy to group files together for transporting, copying and saving disk space.

You need a zip-compatible decompression program to"unzip" the files. WinZip is a commercial application available for a trial period after which a small fee is charged.

Download WinZip

CSV (Comma Separated Values)

A CSV file is the simplest way in which tabular data can be saved for importing into spreadsheet applications such as Excel or database applications such as Access. No special reader is required for this format.

RTF (Rich Text Format)

A RTF file is a format that lets you exchange text files between different word processors in different operating systems, for example,a document created in Word 97 on Windows 95, saved as an RTF file, can be opened using WordPerfect 6.0 on Windows.

Further help

If you have any difficulties accessing any downloadable files on this website please send an email to the DfT Web Team: Please provide your contact details as well as the name and web address of the relevant file. A member of the team will get back to you as soon as they are able.

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