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Swine flu outbreak

The Department for Transport is working closely with the transport industry and other Government Departments to manage the swine flu outbreak.

28 April 2009
Last update:
18 May 2009

Tales of the Road

A new THINK! campaign spells out the dangers of not crossing the road safely and highlights the need to 'stop, look and listen' every time.

UK Search and Rescue

Information about the structure and coordination of search and rescue in the UK.

Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) Veterans Badge

If you served in the ATA during the Second World War then you are eligible to receive an ATA Veterans Badge.

Travelling by air

Security information and advice for passengers travelling from UK airports.

Access for disabled people

Find out how we're improving transport for disabled people.

Transport security

Find out how we're making the travelling public and transport industry employees safer.

Bus and rail

Information for bus and rail passengers, including advice on how to get discounted travel for local public transport.

11 November 2006
Last update:
30 November 2007

Cycling and walking

Advice from DirectGov on the benefits of walking and cycling and how to stay safe and secure. Also discover quick and easy tips that could save you money on your energy bills.

Green travel

Advice from Directgov on how to live and travel in a greener way. Includes information on how to reduce car emissions and making environmentally-friendly choices when planning a holiday.

The Highway Code

The Highway Code in full and broken down into sections. Also featured is an online version which has been adapted from the DfT printed version.


Road safety materials for teachers: lesson plans, resource packs, and a teaching resource database.

15 January 2004
Last update:
30 November 2007


Tube, bus, rail, and tram travel news from Transport for London and details of how transport is run and managed in the capital.


Advice from Directgov on parking, speed limits, roads, buying and selling a vehicle, road tax, MOT, learning to drive, and more.

Planning your journey

Advice from Directgov on how to access live traffic information, travel assistance and ways to find the best route using a journey planner.

Public Transport

Advice from Directgov on all forms of public transport.

Road safety

Life-saving tips and advice from the award-winning Think! road safety team.

Travelling abroad

Advice from Directgov on passports and visas, travel advice, checklists and information on travel and health insurance.

Traffic flow and the roads

Advice from Directgov on traffic management, congestion charging and parking.

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