Policy, guidance and research


Information about aviation including air traffic management and forecasts, airports, aviation safety, and domestic and environmental issues.

Crime and public transport

The Department for Transport (DfT) aims to reduce crime and fear of crime on public transport by encouraging our partners and operators to work together in developing, disseminating and evaluating good practice in crime reduction initiatives.

Economics and appraisal

Department for Transport's aims are to ensure that decisions on transport policy are made in the light of the best possible advice on their impacts, and to ensure that investment in all modes of transport and their management meets the Department's policy objective to seek good value for money.

Transport evaluation

Evaluations of strategically important transport policies.


These pages contain information on road freight and encouraging a shift from road to inland waterway, short sea shipping and to rail. They also cover regulation, research and Government initiatives, the resilience of supply chains and information on transport of dangerous goods.


Information from the DfT rail group including: projects and infrastructure; passenger services; legislation; research and technical information.

Regional and local transport

Transport plays a key role in supporting regional and local prosperity, economic growth and enhancing quality of life.

Road safety

This section of the website contains information on the Government’s Road Safety Strategy and its targets for reducing the number of road deaths and injuries by 2010. In addition there is information about Government policies and initiatives and advice for all road users.

Roads and vehicles

Information from DfT about roads and vehicles including: road pricing; road network; traffic and parking management; traffic signs and signals; insurance; environmental issues.

Science and research

The Department's science and research information includes descriptions of our strategies, our research programmes (and those of related organisations), and how we manage them.

Shipping and ports

Information from DfT about shipping and ports including: environment, liability and compensation; safety, UK shipping industry; port marine safety code; decision letters and inspectors' reports.

Social inclusion

The Accessibility and Equalities Unit promotes socially inclusive transport, examining the links between transport and social exclusion, analysing social inclusion issues and the transport needs of different social groups, and liasing with other Government departments. It is also responsible for implementing the Race Relations (Amendment) Act , and the Social Exclusion Unit's report on transport and social exclusion, Making the Connections: Final Report on Transport and Social Exclusion.

Sustainable travel

An important objective underlying the whole of the Department's transport strategy is balancing the need to travel with the need to improve quality of life. Includes links to the ActOnCO2 campaign.

Transport security

This section contains the department's transport security policies, plans and activities with supporting facts and other information.

Transport statistics

Welcome to the statistics pages of the DfT website. The DfT collects, analyses and publishes a wide range of statistics covering all forms of transport.

Transport and Works Act

The Transport and Works Act Orders Unit (TWAOU) processes applications under the Transport and Works Act 1992 for powers to construct and operate railways, tramways and other guided transport schemes, and works which interfere with navigational rights.

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