UK Standard Area Measurements (SAM)

SAM provides a definitive list of measurements for administrative areas in the UK. The land measurement figures provided are defined by topographic boundaries (coastline and inland water), where available. Measurements are issued annually and include information up to the end of December.

The set of measurements has been produced in conjunction with the following UK government statistical organisations and independent mapping agencies: General Register Office for Scotland; Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency; Office for National Statistics; Ordnance Survey®; and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland®. The SAM User Guide explains differences in methodology and base mapping between these agencies.

Product Details

SAM is provided in a MS Excel spreadsheet. The User Guide provides further details on the product.

Availability and Cost

SAM can be downloaded free of charge from the following links:

Standard Area Measurements 380.2 Kb ZIP

Standard Area Measurements User Guide 548.3 Kb ZIP