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Admiral Sir John Norris, circa 1660-1749 (BHC2912)

Object name: Painting
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Painting (BHC2912) Repro ID: BHC2912
BHC2912, Admiral Sir John Norris, circa 1660-1749
© National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London
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Artist/maker: George Knapton
Date made: circa 1735
Place made:
Materials: oil on canvas
Measurements:  Painting: 1270 x 1015 mm
Credit: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, Greenwich Hospital Collection
Collection: Oil paintings
Maritime Art Greenwich

A three-quarter-length portrait to right in a brown coat and grey full bottomed wig. His left elbow rests on a stone plinth in front of a rocky outcrop. His left hand is on his sword hilt and his hat under his arm. In the right background is a ship wearing the Admiralty flag.

Norris fought at the Battle of Malaga in 1704 and as captain of the fleet at the taking of Barcelona in 1705 was sent hom with the despatches. In 1715 he started a long service in the Baltic, first protecting Anglo-Dutch traders, then in command of an Anglo-Dutch and Russian fleet against the Swedes. Finally from 1719 to 1721 he commanded an Anglo-Danish-Swedish fleet against the Russians. At an advanced age, during which time this portrait was painted, he commanded the Channel fleet from 1729 to 1744, in the War of Jenkin's Ear and the early part of that of the Austrian Succession, although he never had an opportunity to come to grips with an enemy fleet. The picture was presented to Greenwich Hospital in 1797 by his granddaughter.

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