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845 NAS Sea King lifting underslung 105mm Light Gun
VERTREP (VERTical REPlenishment)
Embarked personnel transfer

The Commando Helicopter Force currently operate five Sea King HAS Mk6 (CR) helicopters in addition to their complement of HC Mk4 aircraft.  The Mk6 (CR) is a conversion of retired Anti-Submarine Sea King HAS Mk 6 airframes and has a broadly similar troop carrying and load lifting capability to the HC Mk4.  The aircraft are fitted for both a Defensive Aids Suite (DAS) and General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG).  HAS Mk6 (CR) airframes can be distinguished from the HC Mk4 by their landing gear, which is mounted on sponsons (floats) rather than stub wings.

Sea King HAS6(CR)
Type Medium Lift Support Helicopter
Engines 2 Rolls Royce Gnome 1400-1 Turboshafts (1,400 shp each)
Rotor diameter 62ft 0in
Length 57ft 2in
Crew 3 (2 Pilots, 1 Aircrewman)
Max Speed 125 Kts