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Budgeting and your finances

In these tougher times, it’s worth making every penny count. You can find advice on everything from keeping track of what you spend your money on, and comparing the best interest rates, to saving on your fuel bills or switching to a cheaper supplier.

Doing a budget

To make the most of your money, work out how much you’ve got coming in and going out, and where you might be able to cut back. If you’re overspending, it will help you to prioritise which bills are most important to pay first, and how much you can afford.

Reviewing your finances

Keep an eye on your bank accounts, savings, borrowings and insurance to make sure you're getting the best deals available. If you have money to spare, find out about the different ways to save or invest it, depending on how much security you’d like.

Benefits and support

You may be entitled to financial help, particularly if you’re on a low income or you have dependent children. You can use the benefits adviser questionnaire to find out which benefits and tax credits you and your family may be able to claim.

Utility bills

If you're having trouble paying your gas or electricity bills, it's important to contact your utility company as soon as possible, and offer to pay an amount you can afford. They won't cut off your supply if you agree a payment plan and then keep to it.

Saving energy

You can cut your bills by using less gas and electricity – just by making simple changes to avoid wasting energy. Improving the insulation in your home will help too, and you can get discounted or free loft and cavity wall insulation.

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