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40 Commando Royal Marines Sail for TAURUS 09

Members of 40 Commando RM deployed on RFA Mounts Bay
40 Commando RM, deployed on RFA Mounts Bay.  The Marines from Alpha Company are conducting Circuit training on the flight deck of the ship.
40 Commando RM, deployed on RFA Mounts Bay. The Marines are cleaning weapons in their accommodation in the embarked forces accommodation onboard the RFA ship.  24 men stay in the 'mess', or room, and with the majority of 40 Commando and their equpment onboard, space is at a premium.

Royal Marines from 40 Commando Royal Marines have left their home base in Somerset, sailing from the UK with RFA Mounts Bay for TAURUS 09.

The ship will meet up with the rest of the Task Group in the Mediterranean after a stop off in Gibraltar where Alpha Company will parade as they exercise the Freedom of Gibraltar.

Whilst onboard Mounts Bay, Royal is spending time much of his time getting used to getting his boots wet once again after 40 Cdo’s recent tour on land in Afghanistan. Spare time is filled up with the ubiquitous phys routine, others are making use of their down time to study for GCSE’s.

After the stop of in Gibraltar, the ship will sail to join the rest of the Task Group in its first major training exercise of the deployment off the coast of Cyprus.

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