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Welcome to RFA Wave Ruler’s website.  I trust that the information and photographs about the ship, her people and role will be of interest.  Enjoy the website and any feedback is always welcome.

Wave Ruler is deployed on TAURUS 09, the Royal Navy’s largest Far East Deployment since 1997 designed to prove our ability to deploy an   Amphibious Task Group East of Suez , operate with other Navies and engage in vital Regional Engagement as a “Force for Good”.  Wave Ruler is the sole provider of afloat combat support and logistics to the Task Group and pivotal to the success of TAURUS 09.

WAVE RULER is a new ship in a class of two “double hulled” Fast Fleet Tankers that have replaced the highly successful OL Class as the backbone of the Royal Navy’s front line afloat tanker support.  She is a state of the art ship and although large is manned by a small and highly skilled crew who ensure that Wave Ruler runs smoothly.

As the Father of a young family, I am only too aware that in addition to the Ship’s Company there are also families and friends at home who support us.  This website is essentially aimed at this vital group of people as well as our Affiliated Units and the general public especially any potential RFA recruits.

It is my hope that by keeping the news and photo sections up to date, that you will be able to follow our progress with interest.  Many thanks for viewing the site and we are all ears if you can suggest better ways in which you can be kept informed of the Wave Ruler.

Shaun Jones
Captain RFA
Commanding Officer

RFA Wave Ruler was built by BAE Systems, being launched in 2001. She was accepted into service in 2003.