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RFA Oakleaf in Gibraltar
Exercising the boarding team with RFA Orangeleaf

These ships have dual responsibility for the replenishing of warships at sea and for the bulk movement of fuels between Ministry of Defence depots.

The ships were originally designed as commercial tankers but were taken over by the MoD and converted to RFA service. They can carry some food and stores, but the main cargo is diesel and aviation fuel. 

Length 170.7 Metres
Breadth 25.9 Metres
Draught 11 Metres
Displacement 40,870 Tonnes
Speed 15 Knots
Flight Deck None
Complement 56
Armament 2 x Oerlikon 20mm guns, 4 x 7.62mm MG's (Oakleaf 2 x 7.62mm MG's)