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RFA Gold Rover in Nigeria
RFA Gold Rover at Navy Days in Rio
Edinburgh re-fuels from RFA Gold Rover

The primary role of the Small Fleet Tankers are to replenish Royal Navy warships with fuel oil, aviation fuel, lubricants, fresh water and a limited amount of dry cargo and refrigerated stores whilst underway.

The transferring of fuel and stores requires the warship and the RFA ship to steam along side-by-side while the cargo is passed from one ship to the other via hoses and lines rigged between them.

These ships are able to replenish two warships simultaneously, one on each side. They are also fitted with a large flight deck which is served by a stores lift. This is used when helicopters are employed as flying cranes, ferrying supplies from ship to ship by air, and is used to speed up the replenishment process or in cases when a ship needs supplies but not fuel.

Although not big enough to support a large task group, these ships are ideal for supporting individual warships or small groups on deployment. 

Length 140.6 Metres
Breadth 19.2 Metres
Draught 7.3 Metres
Displacement 11,522 Tonnes
Speed 19 Knots
Flight Deck 1 spot for Sea King/Lynx
Complement 54
Armament 2 x Oerlikon 20mm guns, 2 x 7.62mm MG's