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The Royal Fleet Auxilliary Ship Diligence
RFA Diligence in Cape Town - April 2006
RFA Diligence with the four members of the Mine Counter Measures Group (MCM)

This ship was originally built as the MV Stena Inspector but was purchased by the MoD and entered service as RFA Diligence in 1983. Her role is to provide forward repair and maintenance facilities to ships and submarines operating away from their home ports. The ship is fitted with workshops to cater for a wide range of repair and maintenance requirements. She is also equipped to provide auxiliary electrical power, fuel, fresh water, feed water and sullage reception in her forward support role.

One of the key features of her design is the advanced Dynamic Positioning system. This system uses computer-controlled azimuth and bow thrusters and a variable pitch propeller to allow RFA Diligence to maintain a selected static position to within a few metres, in condition of up to Force Nine – a valuable capability. Another unusual feature is the helicopter flight deck which is positioned on the roof of the bridge, giving RFA Diligence its distinctive appearance.