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Talent Joins TAURUS 09 and Hosts First Cross-Pol

Alongside Crete
Periphot of HMS Argyll
Periphot of USS Mitscher

Following a very enjoyable port visit to Soudha Bay, Crete, HMS Talent joined the TAURUS 09 Task group.  After participating in the first of a series of Combined Anti-Submarine Exercises, where HMS Talent was the submarine target, elements of the TG conducted ‘cross-pols’.  Four of Talents Ship’s Company were exchanged with 2 persons from both HMS Argyll and HMS Somerset.  Immediately on diving, the programme saw the submarine driving up a line of warships at close range showing different mast configurations, providing a pyrotechnic demonstration and simulating a simulated emergency surface. 

For the guests onboard HMS Talent, the crew put on a wide and varied programme which gave an opportunity to witness the whole workings of a submarine.  This included chances to see the Sound Room and Control Room teams at work; touring the Engine Room and having a cup of tea on the ‘Platform’ (Aft Escape Platform located in the Main Machinery Space or Engine Room);  helping the galley staff of 2 prepare a 3 choice curry evening (with naan-bread and popadoms) for 129 people in a space smaller than a single garage.

Additionally, as part of routine training, the guests witnessed a Damage Control serial.  They also all has the chance to ‘drive’ the submarine as they conducted planesman training where they all got the chance to do depth and course alterations.  They also participated in Attack Team Training where HMS Talent conducted simulated spearfish torpedo attacks on HMS Somerset and HMS Argyll:

Logs(CS)(P) Nick Waugh ‘absolutely loved it’ when he was given the honour of being Duty Captain during a simulated firing on his own ship, HMS Somerset.  ‘I think my mates would be pretty miffed with me if they knew I had ordered a torpedo attack on them.’

ET(ME) Darrell Sillah said the ‘experience was brilliant.  The submariners are really close nit and look to be really good at their jobs.’  When asked to comment on how he felt at pressing the Fire Push during a simulated torpedo attack, he said ‘I had such a buzz especially when the (simulated) torpedo fired and shook the boat.  It was exciting to see my ship marked on the screen in front of me and having to steer the torpedo into it.’

POET(WE) ‘Jack’ Russell from HMS Argyll said of his time on board HMS Talent, ‘it was absolutely fantastic.  Everyone onboard seems to know everyone else’s job and they look out for each other.  I really enjoyed having a go at sinking my own ship.  If only the lads knew!’

POET(WE) Steve Wiltshire from Argyll said that the submarine was ‘cramped, friendly but absolutely awesome.’  On the firing of simulated torpedoes at his own ship, Steve said he was ‘worried what the Captain and WEO might think if they knew how much I had enjoyed it’.