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Leading Rates Command Course

The LRCC consists of a two week course. The courses take place at HMS Collingwood, Fareham, Hampshire.

Fitness training and leadership theory dominate the first week of the LRCC. The 2.4km run, the 5km squad run at Lee-on-Solent and the bleep test are essential fitness requirements.  DCT (Direct Command Tasks), take place outside on hard standing areas, and involve completing diverse leadership tasks with the team leader briefing the team using a very specific briefing format. The Assault Course is completed in the first week.  Generally the first week involves intense pressure on time with multiple changes of clothing, intense sport –mainly running but also swimming, and plenty of homework.

You must give a 7-minute PowerPoint presentation on a non-navy/military subject and later in the week an 11-minute presentation is required.

The weekend consists of first aid lectures and map and compass training as preparation for Salisbury Plain.

Fitness again dominates the second Monday and preparation for Salisbury Plain. Tuesday is travel by coach to an area named Erlestoke within the MOD restricted zone of Salisbury Plain.  During the next two days everyone is allocated jobs whilst at Erlestoke and the format of the training is designed to mimic an RN team insertion into a potentially hostile, disaster environment. A Command Post, a medical facility and a prisoner holding area as well as others have to be set up upon insertion. The rest of the day involves having to take leadership of a CLT (Command Leadership Task), which requires preparing and delivering a spoken brief according to NATO Sequence of Orders in strict format.

Teams are then sent out to complete the missions using map and compass as destinations are only given as grid references. In the evening, teams begin a 20km trek (with bergans (rucksacks)), or alternatively sending teams a fairly short distance from the camp to set up OP’s (Observation Posts).

This is undoubtedly the peak of physical hardship of the course and ultimately requires the whole team scaling a 50ft very steep muddy incline hauling a stretcher and bergans. The rest of the week is less intense but still retains fitness aspects and multiple lectures, and a multiple choice exam paper of the course theory.  The course passing out on the Friday and is completed with a short one to one interview with a staff member.