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Naval Strategic Plan


The aim of the Naval Strategic Plan is to set out, in one concise document, how the Navy intends to develop over the next 20 years. It reflects Ministry of Defence strategic policy and planning arrangements and is a key part of the Future Navy Process.

The Royal Navy is a unique combination of land, sea and air capabilities merged into a single, adaptable and dynamic force. It plays a major role in the UK's affairs and its importance in delivering the Nation's future expeditionary capability is clearly established in the Governments strategic thinking.

The downloadable document below is intended to have real utility for planning and managing our progress towards the Future Navy, linking the Vision with the day-to-day activities of our Headquarters and staffs.  It gives clear direction to the management staffs of the Royal Navy who are in positions to direct or, where other authorities have control over programmes or policy, to influence the course of events that will define the future for the naval service.

First Sea Lord’s Vision embraces important themes that will shape the development of our Future Navy. We face an increasingly interconnected, but also more troubled and volatile world. Protecting UK and allied interests will demand effective military forces, working closely with other Departments and agencies and capable of expeditionary operations at long range from the UK. The seas will continue to provide the primary means of strategic access to the core regions, and will remain fundamental to the UK’s economic wellbeing and Defence’s expeditionary posture.

Against this background, our Navy and Royal Marines must be agile, versatile and highly competent, built around a balanced fleet of sufficient size, numbers and capability to meet all our tasks while exerting reach, presence and influence wherever needed. We must be able to deliver effective Maritime Force Projection, Maritime Security and Maritime Manoeuvre, drawing on the most modern technology but also on well-led, high-quality, adaptable people, developed through excellent care, training, career management and a robust naval ethos.

The Future Navy must be efficiently organised, demanding the minimum of infrastructure and estate while focussing resources to the maximum possible extent on the front line.
By clearly defining how we will deliver the Future Navy, this Naval Strategic Plan fully supports a vision of:

"A world class Navy, ready to fight and win."

PDF fileNaval Strategic Plan 2006