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Accidents happen - training injuries

Accidents happen - training injuries

Training to become part of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines can be tough, and injuries do happen. Our priority is to get your son or daughter fit and well again as soon as possible, which is why we employ some of the best physiotherapists in the country.

In good company

If your son gets injured while training to become a Royal Marines Commando, Hunter Company provides the best facilities to get him fit again, and able to complete his training.

Hunter Company is part of the Commando Training Centre and provides excellent medical, remedial and training facilities. It has been described as ‘the finest of its type in the country’, and has the best equipped rehabilitation gym within the British Armed Forces. It is staffed by Physical Training Instructors who have passed an eight-month course in sports science and physiotherapy, as well as a fulltime chartered physiotherapist.

At Stonehouse

Stonehouse Division is a major rehabilitation centre for Royal Navy recruits who get injured during their Phase 1 training. The programme at Stonehouse helps to develop the recruits professionally and improve their self-confidence, as well as supporting their rehabilitation and improving their fitness levels.
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