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Joining the Royal Navy is a big step

HMS Raleigh Badge
HMS Raleigh Badge

Joining the Royal Navy is a big step. Naturally you will feel nervous as the time approaches and your head will be full of questions about what your new life will mean to you and how you will cope with the changes.
The information within this site is designed to give you an idea of what to expect in the weeks ahead and how best to prepare yourself for it. Provided you read the information carefully, there should be few surprises waiting for you when you get here. You will know exactly where you stand.
Despite the initial strangeness, most young men and women enjoy their time at HMS Raleigh. Obviously we cannot expect you to know everything straight away.  Don't worry - Your Divisional Training Officers and Instructors have been through the same training and understand the problems you face.  They will give you as much support as they can to help you reach your goal.