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More Astute Facts

  1. The Astute Submarine is more complex than the Space Shuttle.
  2. Advanced nuclear technology means Astute will never need to be refuelled.
  3. The Sonar suite has the processing power of 400 laptop computers.
  4. Astute’s 97m length is more than the length of 10 London buses.
  5. Astute’s 11.2m beam is more than the width of 4 London buses.
  6. When fully stored Astute will displace 7800 tonnes of sea water, equivalent to 65 blue whales or 975 unladen London buses.
  7. Modular construction has been used on the Astute class; on previous classes installing the engine would have taken 2 or 3 days, on Astute the operation took less than 5.5 hours.
  8. There is around 110 km of cabling and pipework onboard Astute, this is equivalent to driving from Bristol to Oxford.
  9. Astute has more than three times the displacement of the last ‘conventionally’ powered submarine (HMS Upholder) built for the Royal Navy.
  10. Astute is able to carry more torpedoes and tube launched missiles than any previous class of Royal Navy submarines – nuclear or conventionally powered.
  11. Astute is able to circumnavigate the world without surfacing and its dived endurance is limited only by the amount of food that can be carried and the endurance of the crew.
  12. The Astute sanitary fittings comprise five showers, five toilets, two urinals and eight hand basins for a crew of 98 (the Commanding Officer has his own hand basin).
  13. Astute is the first Royal Navy submarine not to be fitted with optical periscopes.
  14. The Astute submarine has individual bunks for the whole crew and eleven extra bunks for ‘passengers’ and ‘sea riders’.
  15. The Astute Submarine can manufacture its own oxygen from sea water to replenish the onboard atmosphere.
  16. Astute can purify the onboard atmosphere by removing and disposing of waste carbon dioxide, hydrogen and carbon monoxide.
  17. Astute can operate independently of the earth’s atmosphere for extended dived periods.
  18. The Astute Submarine can compact and store onboard all the food waste and garbage arising from an extended patrol for eventual disposal on arrival back in harbour.
  19. The Astute Submarine is faster underwater than on the surface.
  20. Sonar 2076 has the world’s largest number of hydrophones providing the RN with the “biggest ears” of any sonar system in service today.
  21. On a 10 week patrol the crew of Astute would get through (on average) 18000 sausages and 4,200 Weetabix for breakfast
  22. A team of 5 RN chefs (1x Petty Officer Caterer, 1x Leading Chef and 3x Chefs) provide 24 hour service to the crew of 98