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  • Week Five YO Diary
    On Monday we lost one (SLt Murray) from our group of 5 because he had to fly off the ship to go home as he had pre-booked a holiday with his wife to Sardinia…good forward thinking.
  • Week Four YO Diary
    We arrived in HMS Illustrious moored alongside North Shields, Newcastle at 0015 (12:15AM) Friday, where the duty Young Officer onboard showed us our accommodation.
  • Week Three YO Diary
    Week 3 initiates our attachment with Warfare Department.
  • Week Two YO Diary
    This week we were delighted to have another YO join us for our CFT period. SLt Amor -E(WE) - joined us in our second week of the Marine Engineering (ME) acquaint period and has promptly fitted the programme into his stride.
  • Young Officers Diary Week one
    HMS Ark Royal received another batch of 4 Young Officers (YO’s) onboard for their Common Fleet Time (CFT) period.  During their 4 month stay, they will be attached with different departments of the ship,
  • Due to high winds in the area and such a narrow channel with which to navigate the ship in and turn her, we were delayed in leaving Newcastle by 24hrs.
  • All too soon we were heading South through the Cumbrae Gap again in order to continue North..
  • With Liverpool behind us we continued North to Scotland and hopes of snow after a heavy flurry prior to our leaving. 
  • Week 2 has been pretty exciting so far.  We sailed from Portsmouth on Monday the 12th, heading up to Liverpool.
  • The first week back from Christmas Leave is always a period of re-adjustment.  But this is an exciting time for the ship and it is good to be back in the swing of things.