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792 Naval Air Squadron

792 Naval Air Squadron was commissioned at RNAS Culdrose in November 2001, from the Fleet Target Group which had transferred its operations from RNAS Portland on its closure in 1998.

The Squadron operates Mirach 100/5 unmanned high subsonic drones used to test the Sea Dart Missile System fitted to Type 42 Destroyers. They are also used to test Sidewinder missiles on Royal Navy Harriers and RAF Tornados. Meteor SPA of Italy builds the MIRACH 100/5, 37 were ordered for 792 Naval Air Squadron. Take off is assisted by two rockets that fall away once the drone is airborne. The drone can be controlled by a ship or shore based operator.

The MIRACH 100/5 can be launched from the flight deck of a Type 42, Fort or Rover Class Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) Ships, and is also launched from a land based site operated by QinetiQ at Aberporth in Wales. Once the MIRACH has completed its mission, it parachutes down into the sea to be recovered by Lynx Helicopter and used again. An RAF Nimrod is always present while the drone is flying to ensure the range is clear at all times.

Motto is "Sapienta Vincit Tenebras" or "Wisdom Conquers Darkness".

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