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820 Naval Air Squadron

The Squadron is equipped with the Merlin HM MK1, and is based at RNAS Culdrose in Cornwall. The Merlin is fitted with an advanced sensor suite comprising of active/passive sonics, Orange Reaper Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Blue Kestrel radar, making it formidable in its warfare primary roles of Under Water Warfare (UWW) and Anti-Surface Unit Warfare (AsuW).

When embarked the Squadron is responsible for protecting the force from surface and sub-surface threats. Other Squadron roles include Command and Control, troop and tactical transport, vertical replenishment and casualty evacuation/disaster relief assistance. In addition, the squadron has a day and night all weather Search and Rescue (SAR) capability.

The Merlin HM MK1 is a versatile and deployable asset, capable of responding effectively and rapidly to any emerging crisis. It is equally able to contribute to peace support and humanitarian operations as it is to offensive force projection. Merlin HM MK1 will be the Royal Navy's main maritime rotary wing asset well into the 21st century.

Motto: "Tutamen et Ultor", Safeguard and Avenger

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